Sunday, December 07, 2008

My Christmas this year

I have an old copy of Country Living magazine that has my dream Christmas tree on it. It's filled with vintage ball ornaments, beads, and white lights. I keep it in a safe place for that "one day". We've got a good collection of vintage ball ornaments already, but I plan to keep collecting them for "that day". You know, that day when I can have my dream tree.

Some Christmases here I get everything done I want to do: the Christmas cards, the Christmas photo, the Christmas show, Advent, and my December Check List is all checked off. Funny how that makes me think we're gonna have a good Christmas.
This year? It's the bare essentials. I'm trying to think real hard about my own Christmas memories, and honestly, it's the little things, added up over the years. Christmas gifts will be sparse this year, I will not be sending out Christmas cards. We might just order out for Christmas Day dinner! But all will be fine. Even if we aren't doing an Advent calender, or giving out cookies to everyone, I know Jesus' name will be praised.

Are you "keeping it simple" this holiday season? How are you doing that?


Cheryl said...

For the last few years we've alloted one family gift and one special gift for each child. We do buy a couple of little things but they don't add up to much at all-things like an ornament or a book or two.

Anonymous said...

We have little ones and newborn twins. This year, we are not getting a tree because it takes a day to buy and set up and a day to take down (it seems). We are just as happy as we can be without it. We have our advent wreath, Christmas table linens, nativity, etc.

We enjoy a few Christmas outings, parties, etc. We have a big basket of Christmas books. Hopefully, this will be our 7th year of caroling on our street. Great CDs playing in our stereo.

All in all, it's very simple. I did send out our Christmas cards already with a picture of our new loves. I never want our family life to be too rushed. Presents are pretty simple. I'm amazed at how much joy the Ingalls girls found in their simple Christmas time.

What I'd really like is to focus on what Jesus would want for His birthday...He said Himself "whatever you have done to the least of these....."
Merry Christmas!
Mary Brooke

Rain said...

We'll be keeping it pretty simple. We have one party/cookie swap that we go to every year. We go Christmas caroling on our street (just our family) and deliver cookies.
We have a whole list of Christmas movies that we will watch throughout the month, culminating in It's A Wonderful Life on Christmas Day. And we always stay in our jammies til after noon and eat clementines and chocolate and have Chinese Food for dinner. The children get three simple gifts each and one gift for the family which is usually devotional in nature.

Rebekah said...

Simple is definately beautiful!

This year we're doing one 'Santa' gift, one family gift, and a stocking. I have really enjoyed shopping and haven't felt that pressure to have lots of gifts under the tree. Gifts to family will be baked breads or cookies and framed family pictures. Everyone enjoys it, they don't get things they don't need, and it's more special to the giver and the reciever.

Emily said...

Yes, very simple ... in fact, we don't "do" Christmas in common terms. We understand that Christ's birth doesn't actually fall on this date, that the Dec 25 date is not based on scripture (Christmas is not sanctioned or mentioned in God's word), etc. In truth, we don't subscribe to the traditions of man that are rather modern in their resurgence (pilgrims, for instance, did not celebrate Christmas). We spend the day serving at our local shelter. We spend time w/family. We rejoice in the birth of our Savior, and guide our 8 yr old to look to the Bible as our source of truth and not the traditions that our culture is mired in.
Oops, you asked. =)

Anonymous said...

I would have my tree up already but I remember last year how aerobic the tree decorating was with 4 excited children helping and admiring each ornament and a baby in my tummy. My parents come to visit on the 18th so we'll save the decorating to do with them. Their extra hands will be a big help. Definately, our evening advent readings and morning advent calendar is the simplest and most special part of celebrating Christmas for us. As for Christmas cards, I hate it, but I think I'll be skipping that this year too. I'll miss getting yours! Rebecca

laurel said...

Yes, we keep christmas pretty simple. My husband makes it really simple, b/c he loves to shop, and I hate it. He has already purchased (and wrapped) all of the children's gifts. We decorated the tree, and it is lovely in it's imperfection! :)
I will decorate more, if the urge strikes, but I am not putting any pressure on myself to do it. I think that is what makes it feel simple to me...not imposing an elaborate list of "must do's"

Homemakers Cottage said...

Our Christmas is looking a little sparse this year (as far as decorations are concerned) since we're in the middle of moving into a new home. Like you said, enjoying Christmas doesn't necessarily hinge on getting every thing just how we like it. My girls are enjoying making cookies, creating their own Christmas cards, and drinking hot chocolate... they hardly notice that the boxes of Christmas decorations are still packed in the storage building! We do have our tree up, though... and about 6 ornaments. ;o)

~Kristy @ Homemakers Cottage

L.L. Barkat said...

We did that for Thanksgiving Day (City Limits, quite good), and you know what? It was very relaxing. :)

It's life together and hugs and maybe some hot chocolate for breakfast Christmas morning that make beautiful memories.

Thinking of you...

Pink Slippers said...

Last year on our CHRISTmas card we wrote--Celebrating Christmas the traditional way-Jesus first.'
Your post is true.