Friday, January 16, 2009

Weekend reads

Rest and Peace...Ahhh
I couldn't have said this better.

Grace on the Hudson River
My good blogging friend Aimee's husband was in the plane that went down in the Hudson River yesterday. What a miracle! Please pray for their family right now.

Have a wonderful, peaceful, weekend. Stay warm as I intend to do--with temps a high of 14 degrees here. Ack!


SpejoryMama said...

I am so grateful that everyone made it out OK. Truly a miracle! Though I don't personally know anyone on the plane, I followed this and prayed yesterday.

sandra said...

It was 15 degree here in your home cold to walk the dog that's for sure.I was glued to the TV and thinking what a fantastic job that pilot did..
So glad you are better..
Give kids a hug and kiss for me