Thursday, March 26, 2009

He knows my name

A couple of weeks ago I had my routine ultrasound for my pregnancy. It was to check and see if the baby's organs were in place, to see if he was growing nicely, and if we wanted, to find out the sex. (You do know it's a boy, right?)
I was thankful to see he was growing just as he should, in fact, he is actually measuring bigger than his weeks show. (A good thing.)
I went into my midwife office last week and she read over the doctor's assessment of the ultrasound. She went over every detail of how his bones are measuring, where the eyes are, the chambers of the heart, the function of the liver and bladder.
I was stunned.
Stunned because I had nothing to do with all this perfect growth.
I didn't plan on this pregnancy, in fact, it was a surprise.
I wasn't "prepping" my body for pregnancy, I wasn't taking vitamins. I had nothing to do with how perfectly this baby grew!!
God placed this life in my womb, and He grew it all, as Psalm 139 says:
"You made all the delicate, inner parts of my body, and knit them together in my mother's womb. Thank you for making me so wonderfully complex. It is amazing to think about. Your workmanship is marvelous--and how well I know it."
I felt extremely blessed to be holding this miracle baby in my womb, who God lovingly created and made.
Every life is precious to Him.

Psalm 139 also reminds me how well, even now, He knows me. Humanity will disappoint. Humanity won't always know my heart. Humanity won't always see what God sees. That is so comforting to me! As a wife, mother, and friend, I always seek to know and be known. That's the essence of relationships. God desires we know others intimately and that we know Him intimately. Reading Psalm 139 reminds me that I have a Friend who knows and understands my heart, and that is priceless and precious.

I am also reminded that God knows my children's hearts this way. I do not know the inner workings and desires and motives of my children's hearts. I seek to, with my very limited and finite resources, but only God knows everything about them, since He is the one who created them. This gives me immense comfort as a mother, because I can go to The One who knows and pray about my precious children's hearts. He hears and answers, and has the key to unlock those dark and hidden places I will never be able to go to. "His workmanship is marvelous. I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made."


TAMI said...

He knows our own hearts, and He knows our children's hearts, so He's the BEST one to turn to when we're trying to bring them together!!

Sarah Joy Albrecht said...

Kinda a relief we don't have to devote time concentrating really hard on making 10 fingers and 10 toes... there's no need to say, "I was really tired on the day I was supposed to be thinking about the pinky!"

Praising God with you :)

Love from Japan!

Stephanie said...

Surely the Lord loves for us to be in a continual awe of His wonder! beautiful post!

Mrs Wibbs said...

isn't God amazing...
this is mind blowing!!!

Laura said...

The first part of your post reminds me of the song "Masterpiece" by Sandi Patti. I have a copy for each of my kids. The part about God knowing us, is so powerful. He truly does know us...loves us anyway...wants to continue to know us. When going to talk to with him, no need to wonder if you actually got your point across, or did you say something he didn't understand, because he KNOWS us. Like your previous commenter, this is mind blowing.

Sandi said...

Hi Andrea,

"Stunned because I had nothing to do with all this perfect growth."

This quote so struck me. We as mothers love, care for our children but He in His grace, mercy and perfection creates and froms them into who they are...we can be only in awe of truly is amazing. Each little cell in the right place to make this adorable little body and person.

That perfection also reminds me that He is perfect so I don't have to be.

Really enjoyed this post

Carolyne said...

That was really beautifully said. Isn't pregnancy such a miracle?

Natalie said...

What a beautiful post! Praise God for your little guy :) I have been meditating on and journaling about Psalm 139 for the past week or so. It is just so rich!

Anonymous said...

I want you to know that I pray for you. We've been doing Buttermilk pancakes and love them. It's a big deal for us to do this with "Daddy" as he only eats bfast with us on the weekends. We're getting the hang of it - YEAH. It takes the whole quart for our recipe. So I've loved the ideas I read here.

Psalm 139:
When I was carrying the twins last year, we learned the whole Psalm 139 using a song I bought from "Thy Word" productions. I have bought a number of their bible chapters put to song. The music is not as "cool?" or well done (?) as Songs for Saplings, for instance, but I am glad to have Psalm 139 put to song and in our hearts. I wanted my pregnancy to filled with as much joy as possible. That was a physically hard one for me. I'm so thankful that everyone is well and our family time + learning time goes well. Love from Mary Brooke