Monday, March 02, 2009

Inspired home

Because I am in my home the majority of my time, I spend a lot of time thinking about HOME and what makes a HOME. I find countless inspiration in magazines, books, and online--among other places. I am always excited when I find a new resource that can help me complete my "vision of home". It is a work in progress.  Now that I am pregnant, I am finding myself with a renewed sense of, organizing, re-decorating my home. Cabin fever and bedridden morning sickness also contributes to this. =) (though I am better on the morning sickness side!)
I would like to share some of my "go-to" resources that I use to renew my vision of home and to continually inspire me. Please share some of yours in the comments if you would like!!

Two of my favorite books I always peruse when looking for design inspiration, or just trying to capture that "feeling of home" is Anita Kaushal's 
The Family at Home and Jemima Mills' book From a House to a Home. (this book can only be purchased used, lucky you!)

Other books in my arsenal are:
The Creative Family Everything about this book is informative and inspiring. It also captures a beautiful spirit of home.
The Domino Book of Home Decorating The magazine is no longer in print, but this book is chock full of Domino style--easy, doable, real.

Japanese Home Magazines.  More info here. If you live near a Japanese bookstore, you can purchase these "magazines"--more like books, there. I could pour over the details for days of simple, real, home life in these magazines. I like that they are not styled or "too perfect" like most home decor magazines are. That drives me crazy!! For that simple reason, these are the only home decor "magazines" that I like to look at!

 The web is a never ending source of inspiration for home-living. This can be good or bad, depending on where your focus is. I tend to stick to a few sources that continually inspire, and hardly venture off this beaten path unless I come across something too amazing to ignore. These sites always "click" with my own personal style, and never leave me burdened or feeling like I lack in the home decorating department. Real, doable, and simple. That's what I like.
Here are some of my favorite sites for inspiring living in the home:

Soule Mama I really love her flickr set on "Corners of the Home".
Pleasant View Schoolhouse Wisdom, cooking, and home life.
Nie Nie Dialogues Her blog has become a favorite of many.
Eyes of Wonder I love glimpses of family life in Jewel's blog. This blog is way more about decor, it's about living out the Lord's purpose for your family. Much grace abides in this household. Beautiful.
Oh Dee Doh Real kids' rooms and nurseries.
Cookie Magazine Nesting Blog  I don't really care for the magazine, but I love this segment on their website.
Nova Natural If I had unlimited funds, I'd buy some sweet kid things from this site. I love the whole "vibe" of this site as well. Inspiring.
Sara's small spaces are always innovative and inspiring.
Ok, so did I use the word "inspiring" enough in this post? Heh.

In the end--after all this eye candy--I have to continually remind myself of what HOME really is, and WHO makes my home inspiring. If a mother is the "heart of the home"--then where does her focus/heart need to be? Reading and meditating on scripture--to make it come alive in her heart--and therefore her home. Praying for the souls that reside in her home. Getting refreshed in the Word first and foremost to bring the right INSPIRED tone in the home.


Brenda said...

Oh Andrea, this post is right after my own heart!

Sara probably thinks I'm a web stalker b/c ANYTIME I need to get inspired to clean up, declutter, and work on things around here, I just hop onto her flicker group and there is the inspiration. Love her homes.

Now, you left one off that I love:

Thanks for all the links! I know what I'm doing until bedtime now! :)

laurel said...

I agree with Brenda, this was definitely a post after my own heart. 90% of the blogs you posted are my favorites as well. And, every single one of the books you mentioned have been on my amazon wishlist FOR EVER. I think I might have to go ahead and get The Creative Family and The Family at Home. I am also starting to get the decluttering/decorating bug. I don't know if it is the pregnancy or the promise of spring but I am glad the urge has struck!

Carrie at dumptrucksandteacups said...

A wonderful post Andrea. Thanks for sharing all the suggestions and links but I have to say I love your last paragraph the best!


Marcelle said...

loved this post as we're going to be moving soon and i've been really thinking about what's important in creating a "home"... loved the links!