Monday, March 16, 2009

Mama Monday

Today's Mama Monday is the exuberant Kristi from the blog Good Like A Medicine.
Kristi is the joyful mama of 4 littles. She also has an etsy shop: Palmetto Handmade
where you can check out her adorable and practical "Verse Purses".The photo above is special to Kristi. It is of a cross at her church.

Smiley Kristi and her Smiley family =)

 Her adorable children crowded on the chair.

Ladies, I bring you:
Greatest thing about being a mom--
The hugs, the happy mornings, the laughter, watching the sweetness of innocence in childhood, reliving my youth ... and for me, personally, knowing someone "blood-related" to me. I was adopted, so my children are the only biological relatives I know!!

Hardest thing about being a mom--
The constant vigilance! I never, ever expected how constant the job of motherhood would be. Since I have had four in five years I have not really gotten to the point of feeling like I can "step back" too much yet (although older mothers tell me this time will come soon)! There are many challenges, but I think the most taxing is this need to constantly anticipate, sometimes prevent, and combat the "tyranny of the urgent" that comes daily with raising children. When I have a big chunk of "free time," sometimes I feel somewhat paralyzed ("Um, what should I do?") - any other moms feel this way??! :)

Favorite blogs/websites--

Sara - Walk Slowly Live Wildly (
Pandora (
Spoonflower (
Natalie (
Green Smoothie Girl (
Revive Our Hearts (

How do you find balance in your life--
This is a huge struggle for me. I am chronically wrestling with my tendencies to be legalistic and to fully rest in God's grace in Christ Jesus alone! I find that when I am not fixing my eyes on Christ crucified on the Cross, everything in my life becomes unraveled, and priorities naturally and quickly vacillate. I become impatient, too hard on myself and/or others, and I have unrealistic expectations. When I am opening the Word of God at the start of my day, I come to the feet of Jesus, lay down my burdens, and the entire day regains proper perspective. Everything good flows from a balanced diet of God's Word, and my war is fought with worship. When I remember that every day is a battle that I must not fight alone in self-sufficiency but in the finished work of Jesus, I am healthy and able to trust in God's goodness; that is true balance!

One word that describes you---
Intense (I asked my husband, and he just laughed; yes, that is the word. I am known to be very intense! ha!)

I love to do so many things! I am musical (like to sing and play the trumpet), I like to dance, run, play sports, and I really like to sew. I am very interested in India; I have lived there in college and would move there tomorrow if God would send us! I like to design web sites (but have stepped away a lot since having our fourth baby); I love teenagers and inner-city missions. I also love country life and would love to build a cob house out in the boonies one day! :)

One thing that has been on my mind lately--
Repentance (Psalm 51)

I couldn't live without---
Google (sad, but so true!), my Vitamix, my husband and children, corporate worship

What helps me through tough days---
My husband advised me sometime last year to begin placing open Bibles on tables in various rooms in our home. Since I am home most of the day with the kids, this has been a really wonderful way to take "quick bites" from God's table whenever I have a chance -- getting water from the fridge, washing a few dishes, grabbing schoolwork, answering the phone,etc. This has been really helpful to me!

Something the Lord has been telling me--
Abide in me (John 15)
God is not mocked; a man reaps what he sows... (Galatians 6)
Thank you Kristi!!


Kristi said...

Thank you, Andrea! I appreciate your friendship!!!

Anonymous said...

Kristi, Thank you! I enjoyed reading about submitting to the Lord for our help. I am also at home with 5 little ones. I liked your scripture verses and I, too, LOVE corporate worship. Mary Brooke

Anonymous said...

Oh! And thanks for the "green smoothie girl" website. We do a lot of smoothies (with spinach thrown in) for easy's kind of a joke. I will have to check out the vitamix and this website. Mary Brooke