Thursday, May 21, 2009

Turning stones to bread

Often I get discouraged at walking my path, and yet still not seeing the fruit of my labor.
I have lived where I am for ten years, and I still question the Lord--"Why do you have me here?"
I want signs, I want proof, that my life lived is not fruitless, not in vain. 
It is a hard thing to continually walk in faith.

Mothers know this feeling when they continually deal with disobedience or character issues on a a day-to-day basis. Will this ever resolve itself? Is my discipline working? Are my prayers working?

We do know that God calls us to live a life of faith. This means continual dependence on Him in all circumstances. This is living by Daily Bread. I'll be the first to say I kick my feet and drag my heels to this place. I want tangible results. I want stones turned to bread, as Satan so aptly tested Jesus to do.

It is the enemy who tempts us, as he tempted Jesus, to demand always some visible proof of the miracle-working power of God: "Tell these stones to become bread" (Mt 4:3 NEB). A miracle would validate our own claim to be in close touch with the Father. But the important thing in life is not to be vindicated, nor to see miracles, but to walk by faith--that is, to take God at his word. So shall we live. ~Elisabeth Elliot


banderclip said...

Thank you Andrea for posting this! I needed to hear that today...

Rain said...

So very good! Thank you Andrea. Thank you Mrs. Elliot.

Anonymous said...

Every time I read your blog I am soooo encouraged and pointed back to the simple truths. I get very discouraged in being a working mom and wondering how in the world I am supposed to meet all of everyone's needs in a way that would honor God and I lose sight of the fact that he provides new mercies everyday and all he asks is that I walk by faith and trust. I have been in such a funk about my shortcomings. THANK YOU for your words of wisdom and humility.
Diana B
Indiana, PA

Children of Eve said...

Your job is to be faithful in what YOU can do. You are doing that, Andrea. Leave the rest to the holy spirit. His time frame is much different than ours.

MamaBear said...