Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Weekly reads

I've been offline for a few days. Mama Monday will be back next Monday, but I do have some good reads I'd like to share. Not sure I'll have time for posting this week, but here are some great reads I've come across lately:

Barbara's 61st Birthday Wise advice from a mom of 12: "Be humble. Be gracious. Be grateful. Then it is safe to be confident."

More on refusals  "His refusals are His mercies" I need to meditate on that more.

A quote and a question Inspiration to live guided organically--specifically in my case, by the Holy Spirit.

A 50 cent card can encourage a mom Love this. A great reminder that the moms in our lives need encouragement. All kinds. Pushing me to think how I can do that.

The One Thing Principle Redux Excellent advice on slowing down.


laurel said...

I always love to peruse your links!

Courtney said...

Where do you come up with the great links that you post? Tell your secret! Is there a particular way to search on blogger?

Andrea said...

Court-I just come across them in my blog readings, and then I save them for when I want to share them!! =) Some of them are regular blogs that I read, some of them are *on* the regular blogs I read.

Aimee said...

Love the "one thing principle" article...good good stuff. Miss you :)

Rose said...

hey andrea! how is everything going with your pregnancy? mine is going well, i have a little kicker! you must be about ready to pop! just wanted to say hello.