Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Laundry inspiration

credit: Decorology

credit: Sarah Richardson Design
all other photos found at Life in the Fun Lane

Laundry at my house is the chore I hate the most. So I am constantly looking for ways to improve the situation. These pretty photos remind me to make my laundry space a comfortable place to be. Do you have any ways you make laundry more bearable?


Aimee said...

I love photos of Laurel's laundry room...she has created such a warm space!!

Our laundry room is off the kitchen and has our back door entry going right through it...not a great set-up. I think using yummy laundry products can Mrs. Meyer's...maybe have some encouraging music playing in there too?

Sandi said...

You'll have to forgive me....I laughed outloud when I saw those pictures. :o) These are the laundry rooms of my dreams. Stainless steel makes me happy!

My laundry room is so small and doubles as the only upstairs closet...really theres not a whole lot I can do.

When I am folding I try to remember to pray for the people who wear them. Overall, I just bear it and try to keep on top of it so I can move around in there.

But funny thing is, I like doing my cloth diapers....go figure.

Sandi said...

We'll their not MY cloth diapers....but my sons :o)

Carrie at dumptrucksandteacups said...

I hear you... with bigger families laundry can be a never ending project. As I am folding and putting away the laundry, I love to use it as a time to pray for my kiddos and I know find that it is actually a sacred time for me.

I'm thinking of you and praying for you in these final weeks of pregnancy...

Sending my love.

Elizabeth Kay P said...

I have Georgia O'Keefe prints and the Matisse "goldfish" poster on the walls of my laundry room. I am always uplifted when I see them!

Joy from the South said...

I am blessed to have 2 washers/dryers! We get done in half the time now.

I painted my last 2 laundry rooms hot pink! In my newest one, I have a cheerful curtain that's black and pink design with big hot pink rickrack along the bottom.

We don't have an outside storage room here yet, so the laundry room is junkier than I like, but I put my favorite black baker's rack in there to hold baskets and I put up some still life pictures the children painted of pink pitchers and flowers.

Realmomma said...

I how I love those pictures. I'm inspired to work on the beauty of our laundry room now.

We make laundry more bearable by having separate baskets for everyone's clean laundry. It does not have to be folded immediately, because it is contained. We do a mass folding about once a week.

This is more practical than beautiful, but you could make it beautiful with pretty baskets.

Elise said...

Those pictures are so *light*!

I have more of a pass-through laundry room, actually... it's like a hallway leading to another hallway, with doors on three walls, and not one. single. window.


I painted it sunny yellow, using Lowe's special light feature that allows you to check your color under different lights so that you'll have the same color on your walls as you picked out at the store.

I hung family pictures (12 years worth, now!) on the wall above my simple IKEA folding table, which runs almost the length of one wall. Hung an ironing board over the toy room door.

And in the tiny space that was left over, the one that leads to another hallway? I placed a round table with a pretty cloth over it, an extra dining room table chair, and some favorite books.

Now when I'm waiting for a spin cycle to finish so I can do a double rinse on the cloth diapers, I can sit and read a snatch. Even though there are usually children crawling all over me, it is so pleasant.

And when I'm folding piles and piles of pinks and blues and diapers and giant shirts and socks that will never be fully clean again, I gaze at pictures of my boys when they were round little cherubs, and a profile of my girl on a swing, and an engagement picture of me and my hubby... and it makes it...

...MORE than bearable!

Love you. Sorry for the novel. :)

Crystal said...

I wouldn't mind doing laundry if my laundry room looked like these!

Jason and Mari Rowell said...

WOW, I love those laundry rooms!! I need to apply some of this to mine! It's much needed, since I find myself doing laundry at midnight!