Friday, June 26, 2009

Simple Laundry inspiration

I know it's easy to look at the photos in the previous post and feel overwhelmed at creating a laundry space to enjoy. I hope you all know those pictures are merely to serve as inspiration, not the ultimate goal.
The truth is, anyone can create a laundry space they like and *gasp* enjoy with what they have. Anyone can find something to make it enjoyable or more bearable. Simply cleaning out the laundry space and making it organized and clean can help change your outlook. Coming up with a new laundry system changes things up and makes us "eager" (right word? ha.) to finish the task. I have always had my washing machines in tiny, dusty, closets. The house we are in now allows me to have more room and it is cleaner. In all times I have learned and tried to be content with my laundry space in plenty and in want. Having pretty containers to store your laundry supplies, getting a new rug to use in the space, making and using homemade liquid laundry detergent, hanging up pictures, having a clothesline, a new perspective, or just throwing up our hands and laughing:
All can help us get out of the "laundry doldrums".

Elise from the blog "A Path Made Straight" shared in the comments how she created her laundry space:
I have more of a pass-through laundry room, actually... it's like a hallway leading to another hallway, with doors on three walls, and not one. single. window.


I painted it sunny yellow, using Lowe's special light feature that allows you to check your color under different lights so that you'll have the same color on your walls as you picked out at the store.

I hung family pictures (12 years worth, now!) on the wall above my simple
IKEA folding table, which runs almost the length of one wall. Hung an ironing board over the toy room door.

And in the tiny space that was left over, the one that leads to another hallway? I placed a round table with a pretty cloth over it, an extra dining room table chair, and some favorite books.

Now when I'm waiting for a spin cycle to finish so I can do a double rinse on the cloth diapers, I can sit and read a snatch. Even though there are usually children crawling all over me, it is so pleasant.

And when I'm folding piles and piles of pinks and blues and diapers and giant shirts and socks that will never be fully clean again, I gaze at pictures of my boys when they were round little cherubs, and a profile of my girl on a swing, and an engagement picture of me and my hubby... and it makes it...

...MORE than bearable!
Love it Elise!!
Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!

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