Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Abundant Life--living at His banquet table

I have come that they might have life, and have it more abundantly..." ~John 10:10

For a great deal of my Christian Life, I disregarded this verse. Not because I didn't believe it, but because it was, in my mind, intended to be about the future of my life as a Christian. Jesus came to help me in this life, sure.....but when I accepted Him, it also meant that I would live with Him forever, that I would partake of the banquet table He has set--in Heaven. It was something to look forward to...

I lost perspective on that along the way...

I forgot that Jesus desires me, His child, to have Life abundantly, here on earth. Now. In this moment.
In "living Heavenly", I forgot He desired that I have the freedom to live abundantly here on earth.
It means, I can live my life more fully. That I have the ability to love, to be at peace, to be free, to enrich the lives of others to a much greater and richer degree than without Jesus.
And what's more???
I will have this abundant life not even now....but in the Heaven....with Him.....forever.
Jesus came so that I would have life more abundant....NOW. A life worth living.....NOW.

How do I do that? 
Some thoughts:

1. Live day by day. Take each day as it comes. Begin each day in prayer and the Word to see what He would have me do. Have no worry of yesterday or tomorrow.
2. Give everything to Him in prayer. Is something bothering me? Continually pray. Will this bring an "answer"? No, not always. It will bring me to Him, and will allow me to see He is at my right hand, and He supplies all my needs.
3. Look for the everyday blessings: "What will be magnified?" 
What will you choose to magnify everyday?
4. Take refuge under His wings daily. Our circumstances may not be ideal, they may be terrible, horrible, unbearable. He desires we reside under His wing, in His protection.
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Diane said...

Great post. I think if I couldn't believe in now, I might not make it to tomorrow sometimes. Thanks!

Dorit said...

Thanks for this inspiration. I need this, and I need to meditate on this.

Mary Smith said...

Thank you so much for this post! Those are such great habits to remember. Isn't God so good, that he wants to give us that abundant life. Sometimes we're just not accepting it!