Friday, July 10, 2009

"If mothers could learn to do for themselves what they do for their children, we should have happier households. Let the mother go out to play! If she would only have courage to let everything go when life becomes too tense, and just take a day, or half a day, out in the fields, or with a favorite book, or in a picture gallery looking long and well at just two or three pictures, or in bed, without the children, life would go on far more happily for both children and parents."
~Charlotte Mason

Some good reads this week:

Daily dose of food for the soul
Brains, breathing, and play: A new kind of counseling
Perfect: Not a word high on my vocabulary as an expectation of life
365 days of grateful
The Art of Now: Six steps to living in the moment

Happy weekend! And happy reading!
How can you take Charlotte Mason's advice in the coming week, mamas?? Remember, this advice was way before it was "Oprah-ized".

and speaking of "Oprah", read this awesome post


Anonymous said...

charlotte mason is a genius.
a brave woman genius.

and you are a genius
for posting her.

please rub that sweet tummy...

Ann Kroeker said...

Charlotte Mason ... she really drove many of my early parenting and teaching decisions when the kids were little. To this day, I think of things I read 12 or 13 years ago.

This is a wonderful excerpt!

What shall I do to play today?

Natalie said...

Aah! Truth is like water to a thirsty soul! Thanks for the reminder and encouragement.

TAMI said...

I've never heard/read that Charlotte Mason quote before! Genius!!

Courtney said...

Excellent reads, A. And thanks for the memo to shut up whining and enjoy both the good and the "bad" of parenting:) Good inevitably wins:) once I get my head out of the sand.

laurel said...

I always love reading your links, but I especially loved that last one!!!

Mrs. G. said...

Another Charlotte Mason lover here! Thanks for linking my rant.