Monday, July 06, 2009

Trying to understand

reading Ann Kiemel Anderson's book I Love the Word Impossible:

"no, life isn't so simple now.
it can be complex and sometimes very frightening.
in my traveling i have met many people...Christians...with
seemingly impossible situations. there are not a lot of easy answers. sometimes i cannot even think of one. people call for advice. i have no pat answers. i can share what is right for me, what the Bible says about various things...but i don't know where people are coming from, or all the wounded parts of their emotions.
i cannot make judgements.
i don't believe Jesus Christ asks that from me. He wants me to listen, to give warmth and love. to try and help a person grasp God in his/her life and decide, through God, what is truth for him or her, to understand the power of total commitment.
but judgement, no.
i've not walked anyone else's road; i've not carried others' crosses.
i've not felt their childhood. i've never crawled behind their skin where hearts and minds beat.
only God has.
only i know me, and only God and i, alone, know what place God has in my life...and if what i say is honest."

This little book has so many nuggets of wisdom in it. I am eating it up.
This passage reminded me of a recent post I read that I will share:

May I seek to understand others not only in the Christian body, but everywhere.


Emily Ruth said...

This is so beautiful, and so true. Thank you for sharing.

~nanashouse~ said...

So often have I been in the place of not understanding. We are Blessed beyond measure that God knows every tiny detail of our lives and knits them together to form something of beauty to Him. Not unlike the knitting together of all of us in the womb. May we glorify God in all we say and do.

Katherine@Raising Five said...

Ann Kiemel was sooooo ahead of her time refusing to use capitals way-back-when...and our kids think they were so original...=)

I think she is describing parenting a teen and expecting a fifth child, don't you? No, life isn't so simple now. But ooooh, the power of total commitment - what a beautiful thought, and so much less complicated than trying to figure everything out.

Love to you! Wish I could be there to wait with you!!


Michele said...

This quote is so beautiful...going through a challenging time of rebirth...feeling like I've been left behind...of starting over and wondering sometimes if I'll ever have the life I dared to dream of...feeling others see me as a failure...but somehow this quote brings the encouragement of hope and the understanding "only God and I, alone, know what place God has in my life"...and though my journey is one of twists and turns, it's really no different than anyone else.

Thank you (:

SuzyQ said...

Gosh, beautiful words there. Much to dwell upon. Reminds me a little of the part in Saint Francis's prayer "May I seek to understand rather that be understood, and seek to console rather than be consoled."
Thank you for sharing this.

TAMI said...

I checked out this book after your Daybook post, and though I didn't order it, was intrigued. Thank you for posting from it today - giving me an even better look!