Wednesday, August 26, 2009

For good

For a long time, my 6 year old daughter would not eat eggs. I think it's in the genes because my husband and my oldest daughter will not eat them either. I mean....what's not to like about eggs? Enough said.
One afternoon I happened to be baking, and she noticed I put eggs in the mix. 
"Ew!" she exclaimed.
"What do you mean?" I asked.
"Eggs! In the muffins!" she said.
"Yes...." I said.
"I hate eggs!" she most emphatically stated.
"Well, eggs are in most sweets." I told her.
For some reason, this little bit of information was not clear to her. Eggs in cookies? cakes? muffins? No way!
It was then I explained how all the ingredients of baked goods in and of themselves do not taste good, but mixed all together? Formed all kinds of sweet and yumminess.
Much like events in our lives. One seemingly bad thing after another bad thing, thrown in with another disappointment, more hardship and more plans gone awry in my mind do not make a yummy dish. But in His eyes, they do.

"We know that all things work together for good to them that love God."
The Christian does not merely hold this as a theory, but he knows it as a matter of fact. Everything has worked for good so far. The poisonous drugs mixed in proper proportions have worked the cure; the sharp cuts of the scalpel have cleansed out the ulcerous flesh and facilitated the healing. Every event thus far has worked out the most divinely blessed results.
~Charles Spurgeon "Morning and Evening"

Photo from: Smitten Kitchen


TAMI said...

You're absolutely right! And what a GREAT life lesson for your daughters ... and US, too!

Sinner Saved said...

What a comfort to hold to, when going through difficult times. Thanks for sharing.
Vicky, England

momma's heart said...

Beautiful! My life resembles this bit of wisdom--especially lately.

Prairie Chick said...

crying here. this is perfect.

Emily Ruth said...

Oh, this is such truth!
Thank you for sharing it: )

Elise said...

Yes! Lately, it seems I have been telling myself and many other people this... We can't see the good now, but I know in time, we'll see his hand tracing right through these moments. He's active!

Such a good reminder, sweet friend. Are you loving up on the sweet baby boy! Kiss him for me!

Ruth MacC said...

Well put. I have Spurgeon's Morning & Evening too. It was given to me by a sister in Mississippi!

STEPHANIE. said...

great truth in this post...and what a sweet little girl. :)

AngelRhoden said...

So glad I stopped by. Refreshing words, if only we would hold tightly to Him through the trials, then one day we can look back and possibly see a little glimpse of the pieces fitting so beautifully to make us who He wants us to be.

Children of Eve said...

Andrea, this is so true! Did the little one eat the muffins?