Sunday, August 16, 2009

Forgive me if my posts are all about babies, and postpartum, and adjusting. I do say this is where my thoughts get their voice. I warned ya. =)

Friday five. Skipped it. I know. So here's my list for this week: giving thanks for--
1. my husband will be home all week!
2. I am feeling physically better
3. a healthy, happy 3 week old--(on Monday)
4. VBS next week for my kiddos.
5. my husband. (have I said that? He is such a blessing in my life that words can never express. A consistent blessing.)

And--other "Good Reads" (all postpartum related.)

a brown necklace
Thoughts from recovery
Three steps forwards, two steps back.....

Enjoy, and happy, restful Sabbath!


Aimee said...

my thankful list of five things would be redundant too...husband times 5!!!! :)

~nanashouse~ said...

post partum is the time when God reaches down and envelopes two at once. Bless you.

Elizabeth said...

Be gentle with yourself. That's the lesson I always learn when I'm post-partum. That and "Do not read controversial blogs while recovering from birth." LOL.
You are awesome, mama!

Cloverland Farm said...

am back in brooklyn and can finally say congrats and keep up the good work. loved following your posts on fb and such while i was gone. xo