Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Leading me

Many times I feel unprepared to lead my life. (Okay, a lot!) I have an almost 16 year old, an almost 9 year old, an almost 7 year old, an almost 4 year old and a newborn baby. (Want to take a nap now? Yeah, me too.) I have no idea how to handle this task. I rely on my past experiences and wisdom from the Lord daily. Other than that, in many ways, it is "blind leading the blind". At least it feels that way. I spend lots of time at Jesus' feet, asking Him what I should be doing, asking Him to show me the way. I guess if I have to spend time anywhere, that is a great place.
Where I live and where I am raising my children is very unlike anything I have ever known. It has been my struggle for the past 11 years. In some ways, it is good. I see the benefits. In other ways, it makes living difficult. Things are still unfamiliar to me. It is in these moments where I have to say, "Lord I accept Your will. I don't like Your will, but I accept it." I also hold on to what He tells me. He tells me He will guide me, He will show me the way, day by day. I don't need to be confused, He knows the way.

I will lead the blind by ways they have not known, 
along unfamiliar paths I will guide them;
I will turn the darkness into light before them
and make the rough places smooth.
These are the things I will do;
I will not forsake them.

~Isaiah 42:16


Prairie Chick said...

some love for you today.

Elise said...

Amen, friend. He knows the way.

I love this... I don't like your will, but I accept it... When did we start thinking we must plaster on a smile and like it or else!? It's okay. Don't like it.

But hold His hand anyway. He'll continue to gently lift your chin from gazing at the ugly and point out the beauty along the way.

~baby sighs
~preschool wisdom
~new horizons in reading for the six-year-old, soft voice shaping words and wonder
~learning how to hold a teenagers questions and searching in confidence; earning and keeping trust...
~husband's backrubs and steadfast presence.


I send love and hugs, Andrea- thank you for sharing brokenness and truth. xo

Emilee said...

this post really spoke to me today. my children are similar ages to yours, and you really put to words what is in my heart. i am going to put this verse on my kitchen window where i can read it and be encouraged by it daily! thank you for being honest and transparent.

Laura said...

Thank you Andrea. I have five also from 17 to twin 3 year olds. It's controlled chaos. I love them, but sometimes don't feel like I'm doing such a great job...more like I don't know how to keep keeping it all together. Thanks for being honest. And thank you for the verse. Thinking of you today, and tomorrow...