Monday, September 07, 2009

Out of the box

Do you read The Sartorialist? It is a fashion blog of everyday style on the streets of (mostly) New York City. Every now and then I will check it out. My husband was approached by the photographer of the blog to take a picture of his "street style", but in my husband's true form, he declined. I gave him a hard time. Don't you know I want my handsome husband on that blog!! =)

Like I said, occasionally I will check out the blog. I find it interesting because it is in New York City, which is close to me.

The photographer of the blog has published a book of his photos. Evidently, his first book signing is at a store in Paris. I like what he says:

As someone who grew up always wanting to be a fashion designer it gives me a great amount of pleasure to have a window display of my work at Colette. Ok, it might not be the type of art that I thought I might create when I was younger. It goes to show that you should never give up the dream, but also don't be so narrow in your vision as not to see where your real talents lie.

I see some similarities in this quote and in the post by Tonia I linked to in my last post. Amy has an interesting dialogue on that post, Katie's blog, and not allowing your vision to be too narrow. You can find it here.
This is all very interesting to me as a recovering idealist.  I am learning that I can still have my ideals, but that my "vision should not be narrow."


L.L. Barkat said...


i loved your Facebook status today. And how.

Also, so curious where you think that swing is I posted. It was in Long Island. Is there one closer to here?

laurel said...

I love how you draw lessons and parallels from life events that you experience. I am not naturally that introspective, so I appreciate when others who are can point things like that out to me :)
And good golly, your husband was approached for The Satorialist?! And he said NO?!!! Even so, that is very, very cool!!!

Anonymous said...

missing your posts! But I am glad you are taking care of things at home!! First things first!! EC

Cloverland Farm said...

of course he approached your husband! who doesn't covet his style?!?!?!?! :)