Friday, October 02, 2009

Seeking quiet

"In my attempts to promote the comfort of my family, the quiet of my spirit has been disturbed. Some of this is doubtless owing to physical weakness; but, with every temptation, there is a way of escape; there is never any need to sin. Another thing I have suffered loss from--entering into the business of the day without seeking to have my spirit quieted and directed. So many things press upon me, this is sometimes neglected; shame to me that it should be so.
This is of great importance, to watch carefully--now I am so weak--not to over fatigue myself, because then I cannot contribute to the pleasure of others; and a placid face and a gentle tone will make my family more happy than anything else I can do for them. Our own will gets sadly into the performance of our duties sometimes.
~Elizabeth T. King

To nurture the loving life


Elise said...

Oh, my. I had to read this three times, letting it soak in. There I am, she sees me. Is this from a book? I feel like I'm missing out...
Thank you for sharing this, Andrea. I'm praying for you as you walk through some shadow. I so understand, and I'm proud of you for pulling back and centering. (((you)))

tonia said...

that is a really marvelous i think that one is going in the journal for keeps.

you are a treasure. do you know that? your honesty and your transparency are a gift to this little corner and i know you are a blessing to your family.

i so appreciate your friendship.

love you!

STEPHANIE. said...

this is really good to read today. thanks Andrea. :)

Sandi said...

Thanks so much for sharing this quote it really is "hitting" home.

This comment below that you left at A Study In Brown struck me as well.

"it's amazing, isn't it, how quickly life wants to deconstruct us into mere cogs in the machine? just get the work done, keep moving, keep producing...and if we dare to be one of those people who stop and dream and sit and think and refuse to live on motor oil and gasoline alone then we are looked at suspect. what's wrong with you? what are you DOing with your life?"

it takes work to not be caught up in that machine. sometimes i am so weary of it. but when my spirit is quieted before the Lord, He gently leads me. Amidst the hard presses of life that make me so weary, i fight to be His spirit. For my own sake, for my family, for others.

YES! YES! and AMEN!. I so long to have someone in real life who feels like this! I feel like a wierdo and yet I so quickly forget and get caught in the cogs. Do more...produce more...get it together more and all the while my family is suffering.

Anyway, thanks for articulating all this....I have much on my plate right now and I need to stop and think and dream and rest.

Susan @ Heart Pondering said...

Lovely and profound quote; thank you. Also thank you for referring to Elzabeth Prentiss and "Stepping Heavenward" which I got based on your high esteem of it. What a lifechanger. I agree with you - worth reading 1x/year.

I'm thankful for this blog.