Thursday, October 01, 2009

Weekend reads

Happy first of October!! It's very chilly in these parts.
Can I share some wonderful reads with all you wonderful readers??These have blessed me lately:
Priorites: Things Unseen
The Ultimate Burnout Survival Guide I will be referring to this a lot. Great stuff.
Called to service Love in action, for our children. Can we let our own dreams and expectations die so that their unique calling can come to fruition? Long, but worth the read.
This I call to mind--therefore I have hope
A bath for baby An oldie but goodie. Revisiting this often to remind myself of my priorities.

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Courtney said...

Looking forward to checking out your reads. I read the burnout guide the other day and found it quite insightful too. Hope you are enjoying this time with little Lee and that you have a wonderful Oct.!