Tuesday, February 02, 2010

February Funk

Last week I was in a winter funk.  We had a few days of 40-50 degree weather which teased me and made me think Spring was on its way soon. But as you may have heard, that silly groundhog saw its shadow this morning, which means 6 more weeks of winter......
Then we had a bitter cold weekend with highs of 18 degrees and that made me even more grumpy because I do not like weather that cold....
Then I got an idea. I needed to have things to look forward to every week in February so that March would get here soon, and then hopefully......Spring!
So every Friday in February I have something fun planned so that March will get here soon!
This Friday: lunch with a friend.
February 12: this week a good friend and I are planning fun things to do with our children. It's "winter break" where I live so the children will be out of school. We plan to go to museums and other things we always say we want to do, but don't.
February 19: not sure yet!! any ideas??!!
February 26: I'm getting a massage with a gift certificate my husband gave me for Christmas 2 years ago (I know, crazy.)
And by then? February will be over, and I will have made it more than halfway through winter!!


babydoc said...

:-) totally great ideas! Hope you have great fun and winter passes quickly. I've found that now I'm working, I actually don't mind it so much as I not get to enjoy or not enjoy the weather so much anyhow:-)

liz, uk

Aimee said...

I entered the February funk this morning. Part of it is due to sleep deprivation for sure. I feel like I am walking through mud and can't get a handle on anything.

Great job at being proactive...that makes a big difference!

Courtney said...

Awesome idea! On the 19th take the kids to a matinee, or better yet, get a sitter, and go with a friend ;) Or take a craft class and learn how to do something new.

Prairie Chick said...

on the 19th, get someone to stay home with the kids, get yourself all dolled up, make a reservation and meet your hubby for a lunch date, then go on a little shopping foray to buy yourself something you've been wanting/waiting for.

Or hit the mall beforehand and bring your husband a special gift that you slide across the table to him mid meal. <><

Amy T. said...

This is a great idea! I esepcially love that you are doing these things on Fridays. Fridays are always hard for me, even though everyone else seems to love them.

How about on the 19th, you make a trip to a local nursery or garden center and buy yourself a potted flower?

Andrea said...

I love y'all!!!!!!!! Great Ideas!!!!!!!

Elise said...

And you will have helped the time pass quickly by filling it with precious moments with friends, children, husband... perfect!

Here's to looking back at the time with peace and satisfaction... time well spent. Love to you!

And for Friday the 19th, I will gladly hop a plane and zip to your side for some tea and laughter and hugs! *sigh*. If only. xoxo

(Working on my answers... will get them to you soon!)

Natalie said...

You are so wise to be proactive, Andrea! How do I get on that calendar :) I love everyone's ideas!

Linda said...

I love Prairie Chick's idea (I, very foolishly, was going to suggest ice skating with the kids. I remember skating at Blue Mountain.). A date with your husband sounds much nicer. Perhaps you could fit in a stop at a book store. That always makes my day!
March used to be the difficult month for me. It just didn't get warm enough soon enough :-)
If all else fails, come on down to Texas.

Laura said...

I love this idea! I'm going to try it! Good for you. I'm envying that massage...even though I know I'm not supposed to. Have a wonderful February!