Saturday, April 24, 2010


"If I find in myself desires nothing in this world can satisfy,
I can only conclude that I was not made for here..."
~Brooke Fraser  "C.S. Lewis Song"

One of the recurring "themes" in my life this past year is realizing that "God is enough.". When I think of those three simple words, it is easy to say--"yes, I believe that." But when I dig deeper, it is so evident that these words hold more than I think.
I've had to accept that in many things in my life, the Lord gives me the cake--Him--and that the icing is "extra". When I start to question Him or feel discontentment, then I say to myself --"God is enough".
I find that those three words are the perfect answer to many of life's questions.
Going deeper, I find myself replacing the Lord with earthly desires that never last.
Feeling lonely? I call or get together with a friend.
Empty? Fill it up with a special trip somewhere, food, or a similar diversion.
When I started to recognize this in myself, it was shocking to see how much I replace or stuff my feelings with food, stuff, outings--basically diversions.
It has made me aware that when I have feelings of loneliness, emptiness, sadness, questioning, that instead of trying to cover those feelings up with any number of things, that immediately I need to go to my Creator who made me and can give me comfort in ways that are lasting and that are enough.  I have realized in my own personal situation that it is a sin to not go to Him. He promises to fulfill every need, and when I ignore Him, I am sinning. So I ask for forgiveness, repent, and then go to Him.
I loved  Aimee's post: Hiding behind stuff . It really uncovered in me many emotional aspects of filling up negative emotions with things and reconfirming that God is enough.
I do feel that emotions are not to be stuffed down, they are to be examined and questioned and brought to the surface. Feelings and emotions are God-given, and though we shouldn't act on emotions, we should explore them, but in the end trust that the Lord is in control and can heal emotions.
Is God enough in your life?


Jackie N said...

What beautiful thoughts. I've had some struggles the past few months of life not working out how I thought it would or think it should. I find myself asking "Why does it have to be this way?" "This doesn't make any sense!"

Your thought of "God is enough" brought me peace as soon as I read it. Thank you.

layla bliss said...

exactly. it is funny and challenging because i find myself saying/thinking that unbelievers do that.. that they are searching for things to fill up the hole that is empty because they need the Lord. AND I DO IT TOO. i am guilty of "diversions" every single day.

Joyfultoria said...

A very reassuring post, Andrea.
I'm living in city where the contrary is promoted-and academia is seen as the answer. So important to humble oneself and recognise and take comfort, that He is 'more' than enough'.
Thanks so much for writing.

Courtney said...


Anonymous said...

Really good Andrea. Thank you.

Linda said...

Oh, this really makes me stop and think about the things I do in my own life to make me feel better when circumstances are difficult. I can identify with so much of what you have said.
Thank you for sharing this Andrea. I want to live in such a way that God is always enough.

Kelly T said...

As I rode to church this morning I was feeling unsettled and "frumpy" in my fifth month of pregnancy with number 3. I had thoughts to take it out on my husband, asking why he doesn't tell me I'm beautiful as much as I'd like. But oh, how thankful I am that God spoke to my heart that He was enough... that I am His beloved... that He knit me just as He desired... How grateful I am for those gentle reminders before I spoke hurtful words. Thanks for sharing this post - I pray that God will continue to remind me that He is enough!!

Mrs. Olsen said...

Thank you so much for this post!

Aimee said...

oh if I could just *really* get this. When I realize how big and great and good His LOVE is then I really do know He is enough. When I question His love, I go searching other places. Lord, help me know, know, know your soul-quenching love.

Children of Eve said...

Amen, Andrea! Great post.

The Homesteading Apartment said...

I have been going through this experience myself. Peeling back the layers and realizing it doesn't matter what might surround me at the moment...God is enough. I have several dreams that have been on the back burner. I've felt like God has been encouraging me to bring forth several of these dreams, but instead of wanting to go through the process, I'm wanting the end result now. So in those moments of frustration, feeling like I'm missing the boat, or even doing everything wrong, I just breathe, focus and continue to say...God is enough and He's got everything under control. Such a lovely post...thank you for the inspiration (:

Danielle said...

I found you through "Walk Wildly . . ."

I just wanted to say this has been a theme in life as well over the past year, especially when my husband was unemployed for 3 months.

And I LOVE Brooke Fraser too (and that song in particular) by the way!

Bia said...

Thank you. I will be posting a link to this. We are going through some faith-testing times right now (job loss, moving) so I found this at the exact time I needed to hear it.
I love your reflections. My heart yearns for similar things.