Tuesday, April 06, 2010

A little slice of Heaven

Meeting blog friends, to me, is like a little slice of Heaven.
I have met two "blog friends" and both times they were experiences that I just could never adequately put into words. Here you follow a particular person's sometimes intimate place (blog)--knowing a lot of the details of their inmost heart...
but never really hearing about what their favorite meal is or what they've got going on next week.
So, meeting them in person, you have an instant soul connection.
So much about blogging is about baring your soul (however detailed you want to be or not) and so meeting someone in person you feel like you  know  them.
It's how I imagine Heaven. Connecting with others on a soul level--knowing their heart but perhaps never knowing them in person while on earth.
It's a beautiful thing.
So whenever I get the chance to meet a "blog friend", I try to make it happen.
I will drive and arrange child care to meet a precious soul.
I will do what it takes.
Last week I had the privilege of meeting Aimee and Laurel:

Aimee, Laurel, and I were pregnant all within 2 weeks of each other. Aimee and I with our fifth, and Laurel with her fourth. We didn't do much blogging those first few months of pregnancy, but we all were on facebook together, reading each other status' of "how sick and tired we were" and how "we didn't know how we were going to get through this."
I can't tell you what a blessing it was to know these women were going through the same emotions and physical feelings as I was. The Lord was so gracious and good to give us all each other during a hard time in all of our lives. We rejoiced with each other when we felt better enough to get back into the kitchen, we sympathized when we had done too much while pregnant and had to stay on the couch to rest all day, and of course we loved everyone's announcements when our three little boys made their debut into this world. (oh i want to cry!)

So to see these sweet little angels all on the grass together was such a testimony to the glory of God and how faithful and good He is...
(l to r: Wilder, Lee, Luke)

A little slice of Heaven, indeed.


babydoc said...


Rain said...

Very sweet. I love the last photo of the three of you you with your cute babes.

Linda said...

What a blessing for you to be able to see each other face to face; heart to heart. There is something so special about sharing with other women. So glad you had this time.

Courtney said...

So awesome! Love that you equate it to Heaven. Never would have thought of it like that. Sweet!

Aimee said...

you said it best!! It was HEAVEN!!! Can you imagine all the talking in heaven when we get there and having eternity to 'catch up' :)?! I just can't stand how short our time was...literally I think we could have all talked and shared for days upon days.

flo said...

how fun! 3 blogger moms I read together in one living room. love that last pic too!

debbie bailey said...

I think the baby on the right is the cutest. Oh wait, it's my grandson Wilder! Just kidding!

I asked Laurel how it went meeting you two. She didn't say much, but I could tell by the look on her face and the nodding of her head that words couldn't adequately express what she felt. It was an unbelievably precious time for her. Your describing it as heaven was very 'spot on'. Hope it can happen again.

Sara said...

How did I miss this happening?! :) And where was MY invite? ha ha. Sooooo glad you were all able to meet each other. That makes me insanely happy. xxoo

laurel said...

Andrea, I love how you compared it to heaven. What a happy thought. I have replayed the day so many times in my mind. I hope it can happen again in the very near future. When I think of kindred spirits, you and Aimee come right to mind. I am so glad we are friends.