Saturday, May 22, 2010

Holding lightly

Thanks to the brilliant Kari Jo for her quote from Paul Miller's book Love Walked Among Us: Learning to Love like Jesus:
(his description of Jesus)

::'because He holds onto His time and schedule so lightly, He doesn't get irritated at being interuppted.'::


I want to live in God's time.
Not my time.
And I've realized God almost always requires us to connect with people over our things.
Oh, I've been working on this intently and steadily for over a year now.
Putting down my book or housework to listen to my boy explain his lego creation for the billionth time.
Sitting with my teen and listening to her talk though I am so tired and just want to go to bed.
Making every effort to listen to a friend who needs to talk though much is waiting for me to do.
Trying to focus on my husband talk about his struggles at work even though I've heard them over and over and over again. =)

Lord, help me hold lightly to my time and embrace Your time.

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Linda said...

You have chosen so wisely Andrea. I want to make that choice too. I far too often put my schedule ahead of the really important things.
Thank you for this.

Christine said...

Wonderful thoughts. I've thought a lot about that too. About really being present, and not distracted, when someone needs my attention. Much harder than it seems it should be.

Anonymous said...

As we approach summer, this will be on my mind. With five at home (ages 5-19), this is what my daily struggle will come down to. I am hoping His quiet voice will be heard in my chaos! Thanks for this post!

payton said...

Thanks for that Andrea. Hard to put aside the stuff to listen. Does this apply to listening to every hole played in a tournament? I start hearing Charlie Brown after the first hole.

Andrea said...

payton, girl i try on that one!
thankfully spencer doesn't get to detailed about it.
=) ihear charlie brown the entire time on that too!

children of eve said...

Very nice post, Andrea.

Amy Danielle said...

Wow, I needed this today (everyday!). Such a good reminder. Seems most of my irritation and frustration comes from pushing MY agenda instead of seeking His, holding loosely to my time. Thanks, sweet sister.