Monday, May 03, 2010

I prefer messy.

Last Wednesday had me scrubbing my oven, inside and out. I'd had enough of the smoke alarm going off every time I turned the thing on. I couldn't even use it.
It occurred to me, during the meditative scrubbing, that it would have never gotten a good scrubbing unless the messiness called out to me.
Sorta like my life.
Often I ignore symptoms until they are messy. Ignore the alarm until I'm too dirty.
That's why we take it to Jesus every day.
Tell Him every day what's going on inside our complicated minds and souls.
Lay it at His feet everyday.
Confess that messiness daily.
We are messy people, and letting messy go too long makes us unusable.
I don't like a messy house. But keeping up with it is impossible with five children.
So I let a lot Him. Ask Him what I would do.
So the messiness allows me to turn to Him.
Messiness is vulnerable.
It tells others: I am needy. I am not perfect. I am confused.
I am in need of a Savior.
Messiness is uncomfortable.
Don't you want life tied up in neat boxes? Checked that one off the list. Move on. Nope. Messiness is not like that.
Messiness is dirty.
Messiness says "I'm dirty." I'm not worthy without Him. I need Him to make things right.
I confess that I'm "messy". I'm not perfect. I have insecurities. I have misunderstandings. I'm dirty.
I need a Savior.
I prefer messy.


Aimee said...

this post gets printed off and posted with my devotional :) i have to hear this every day...b/c i am such a messy, FORGETFUL THAT I AM MESSY, mama.

Emily Ruth said...

This is just what I needed to read today...

Sandi said...

Me too, Andrea.
Atleast more then I used too.

Linda said...

Oh yes Andrea - me too. What takes my breath away is knowing that He covers my messiness with His righteousness. All I have to do is ask.

Natalie said...

Well, you've done it again. But this time you've described my oven as well as my heart :)

"We are messy people, and letting messy go too long makes us unusable." It sure does! Been there. Still am sometimes but
I am learning more and more that I have to lay my messiness at his feet every moment.

Thank you for sharing your heart openly. You are a blessing, sister!

Anonymous said...

so good. so true!

Todd and Julie said...

Thanks, Andrea...I too, feel the helplessness and out-of-control-of-my-life emotion at times (even with just one!). And I, too, dislike the vulnerability that comes with others seeing my messes! I love how you've tied that in to the 'real us' that only God sees. I'm glad that I need Him, too!

I loved your post "enough" below, as well!

much love.

Miriam said...

I really appreciate this post, Andrea. And it is beautiful - I love how the Lord speaks to us out of our simple life experiences like cleaning an oven. :) So grateful for His grace that daily cleans us up, M

tonia said...

oh good. i am the biggest messie of all! :)

glad we can be friends.

Elizabeth said...

Just stumbled across your blog and I LOVE this post. So true!! Thanks for sharing!