Sunday, July 11, 2010

Mama Monday

Today's featured "Mama" is the wise and witty, simple-livin', articulate Amy Scott, from the fabulous weblog
Amy's blog was one of my first introductions to blogging way back in '05. I loved her witty musings that also had a wise edge.Posts like Thinking outside the box, Live well on less, and Right where you are all influenced me immensely, and her humor as in the oldie but goodie: Hatching melons
made me laugh out loud.
So this combination of intriguing writing soon made me an obsessed reader. (*smile*)
I love Amy. And I've never even met her. But I know we'd be BFFs. Right, Aimes? ;)
Ladies, I bring you AMY:

1. greatest thing about being a mom:

Cards, kisses, and a reason to have econo-sized Flavor Blasted Goldfish in the house.

2. hardest thing:

When they throw up at 2 a.m. and don't coordinate their efforts to get sick at the same time. It can drag on for a month at our house.

3. how do you find balance in your life:

I do not know one person who would agree that I have found balance in my life. But if you are asking what I do when I am losing it? We put a jacuzzi tub in our new farmhouse even though it didn't fit, and I wish I had it done it five kids ago.

4. hobbies/interests:

The economy, the piano, and my love crushes: Jack Bauer and Ron Paul.

5. life with six children is--

going to be worth it in a few more years. It's just hard when they're all young. I'm not a good "baby" mom. Of course, I've never experienced a baby who just "sat there" so maybe that's different. I'm really getting better at this as they get a little older. I think you have to enjoy each stage, but admit too, that some stages are just more conducive to your personality than others. But that could be the deep scars from hyperemesis talking.

6. favorite blogs or websites

The Market Ticker

7. I couldn't live without--

my husband Greg.

8. favorite thing to do with your family

Go to the ball field

9. favorite food

Chicken Bryan with zucchini and house salad (hold the celery) at Carrabba's.

10. favorite treat

I think real food is a treat, and so I didn't get fat on cake and ice cream. I got fat on the dipping oil at Carrabba's, the Chicken Tikka Masala at Taste of India in Melbourne, and the chips and salsa at the now defunct Don Pablos. Why I was still fat in Kentucky, I don't know because they only have Taco Bell and Pizza Hut in my town. And that's just gross. Good food is one of God's common graces in life.

11. 3 books that changed your life (besides the Bible)

Stepping Heavenward and Elisabeth Elliot's books (whom my youngest daughter is named after) because it is how I met Jesus.

12. parenting "epiphany"

I no longer say, "My kid will never do that." Instead, I think inside my head that my kid wouldn't do that and get away scott-free.

13. verse that comforts you

Because I am a sinner, I John 1:9.

Amy's six beautiful children
Yes, this is her farm.
Son McGregor and a real live cow!!!
Thank you Amy!!!!!!!!


Terry @ Breathing Grace said...

For some reason, I thought you had already fatured Amy before!

She is every bit as witty as her blog implies.

Amy Scott said...

>>And I've never even met her. But I know we'd be BFFs. Right, Aimes? ;)And I've never even met her. But I know we'd be BFFs. Right, Aimes? ;)


And who says we won't meet up? I've met dozens of folks from the internet, and it's always been great.

In the past month or so, I've met Terry@Breathing Grace, a commenter on my blog named Ruth, and the uber-blogger Tim Challies and his wife came over to hang. So far, none of them have blown my cover. I'm hitting up Barbara Curtis next month if I make it to DC. Fun times, and we can talk about QF as the Bible's trump verse and killing chickens over a cup of coffee. Just let me know when you head out to Nowhere, Kentucky.

Thanks for the sweet write up, Andrea. I clicked on some of those links, and I'm like, Hmm, I said that?

Anonymous said...

How lovely to see Amy here...I love her blog too!

I appreciate the jacuzzi tub comment...sometimes I have trouble when the answer is "Oh! His grace is enough" or something like that! (not that it's not, but thank you LORD for the tub!)


Courtney said...

You gotta love a mom that doesn't take herself too seriously ;) I could learn a lot in that department! I do love that she admits that there are just some stages conducive to mama's personality more than others. Refreshing...too much mama guilt out there...glad she dispells it ;) THANK YOU!

Anonymous said...

While the mothers you profile in your Mama Mondays on your blog are almost always very interesting and thoughtful, they are almost always stay-at-home / work at home mothers of very large families.

I would welcome some profiling of mothers who work outside the home with both smaller or large numbers of children.