Saturday, July 17, 2010

"Musts" in the bedroom

I've been redecorating my bedroom over the past 6 months, slowly but surely. Choosing paint colors, painting, getting new bedding, rearranging furniture. Thinking about what makes my bedroom a sanctuary in my home. I am by no means an expert on decorating bedrooms, but I have some thoughts on some "musts" in the bedroom:

1. It must be a refuge. Everything in its place, and everything has its place. No dirty laundry draped over unused treadmills. (I'm guilty.) Make it pleasing to the eye: no clutter, no mess. And please, if it doesn't belong in the bedroom, get it out of there! (I'm thinking treadmills, work desks, bills.....)
2. It must have good lighting. Dim lamps. Candlelight. Lots of sunlight in the day. No glaring overhead lights or fluorescent lighting! The horrors! This is your refuge!
3. It must have a good bed. When my husband and I bought our bed, we decided we were going to spend some money on it. I mean, you spend half your life in your bed, why not make it comfortable? Good mattress. Good, comfortable sheets. cozy comforter. It doesn't take that much money. Just some thought.
4. A lock on the door. For some quiet time with your husband. ;) Or if you want to lock your children out for a little while so you can regain sanity.
5. Whatever makes you happy. I love scented candles, pictures of my babies, a stash of popcorn and sour patch kids beside my bed. I'll say it again: this is your refuge!!!

What are your "musts" in the bedroom?


Courtney said...

Good tips ;) I just rearranged and organized my closet and I must say, it has helped my bedroom become more of a refuge.;) A tidy closet is AWESOME!

Anonymous said...

Wait, you stash popcorn in your bedroom? Popped popcorn?

Andrea said...

the kind of popcorn that is already popped and in a bag, yes!!!!!!!!!!

Sheila @ Dodging Raindrops said...

Yeah! Another popcorn fan! :) I've been working on redecorating my bedroom, too. Getting rid of the stacks of papers and junk made such a difference! It is still a work in progress but I agree with what you wrote.

Stacy said...

What a fun post.

A few years ago we invested in a set of REALLY nice sheets (for us). WE LOVE THEM, and whereas before I thought of nice sheets as just a "luxury" we didn't need, I have been won over, and I wish we'd done it years before.

We also have a cozy down comforter which I love.

Candles are a must. Music. Books.
(I have treats, too!)

I really need to work on the mess part, though.

Love to you..

Kate said...

Ah yes, my "musts" are similar to yours...layers of bedding, pref. in calm colors and cozy textures; mood as well as reading lighting; photos of our wedding, honeymoon, and kids; curtains that can block out light; a good stash of various reading materials, like magazines, devotionals, fiction, poetry (who knows what mood will strike in the middle of the night?); soft rugs for toes, esp. during the winter. I have only recently come to appreciate our room as our own little sanctuary - but I'm so glad for it already. It feels so good to lay at night in a room I specifically tried to turn into a refuge for me and my husband.

Natalie said...

I am laughing so hard- for a few reasons. First when I saw the title- I was like is she really going to go THERE- LOL! Then, of course, I chuckled at the dual purposes of the lock on the door and the bedside stash. Thanks for making me smile!