Friday, August 27, 2010

Friday five

1. I installed the front facing infant seat for my baby in my car yesterday.
2. Did I say car seats almost send me to the loony bin?
3. I mean, I'm thankful for them and all, but they drive me b-a-n-a-n-a-s.
4. I said a swear word really loud when I was putting the new car seat in.
5. My daughter said--"did you just say "sit" mom?" Yes, darling, I did.
6. I am very particular about car seats.
7. I always buy a brand new one for my babies. I will reuse booster seats, but not infant seats. Don't know why.
8. I study the manual, fix the belts "just so", and don't like anyone else buckling my babies in.
9. Maybe that's why they drive me crazy.
10. Ok, so that is 10 things, not five things, about car seats. Congratulations for making it this far.

Have a wonderful weekend!


Stacy said...

"Yes, darling, I did."

LOVE it. :)

Aimee said...

laughing SO hard!!! wow, girl, that is some intense carseat issues...I used the SAME NASTY one with four kids!!!!!!! And my kids all buckle each other in....we are all just happy to still be alive ;)

Kate said...

Hysterical! I have always believed all car seats to be designed by a man who has never once had to actually install them and then get a kid buckled into them. And yet I'm with you: every Latch, loop, and snap must be done for me to feel okay with driving off!

Andrea said...

aimee, it's just the babies. the older ones buckle each other. =)

Young Mom said...

Today my 3 year old had a hard time opening a door and I overheard her say "dang it!" and after getting out of the door I heard her say " that was a pain in the butt" as she walked away. Um, yeah. I need to clean up my mouth.

Amy T. said...

Hi Andrea,

I just turned my son around this week, too, except I used a local chapter of the Safe Kids USA organization. I called and made an appointment and someone else did all the hard work of getting the seat installed. Not sure if they are in your area, but it might be worth looking into next time.

How does he like facing forward? Getting in the car is much less stressful than it used to be for us.

Have a good weekend!

Anonymous said...

A, I cannot help but laugh at this post. You are too funny. And I'm a little car seat crazy too, which is why my hubby officially learned from a state trooper how to install them correctly. It's much easier for big heavy men because they can throw their weight into it. Next time, just call and he'll shoot over to do it for you. Some sheriffs and troopers stations also do it by appointment, just like that organization, in case they aren't around us.
Missed you today! ~L

Anonymous said...
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Elise @A Path Made Straight said...


I love you. You and your crazy car seat idiosyncrasies.

(Truth? Whenever I hear the word "sit", I giggle inside. Especially if it comes out in two syllables. Makes me laugh.)

I love you.

Ahh2B... said...

And I thought we were the only ones with severe car seat issues. My husband is the one who installs the seats and they do.not.move. until he wants them to move. While friends have often moved their children's seats from one place in the car to another, or even into other cars for carpooling, our seats stay put. We have them checked regularly by the police. In fact, a few years ago when a new type of car seat came on the market my husband installed ours, then brought it to be checked. The police asked if they could hire him to teach the officers how to install it properly. Apparently they had never seen these seats installed so securely. While it has been as "young mom's" family would say..."a pain in the butt" it is sweet to know the hubby cares so much about the littles.

Karen said...

Oh you made me laugh. "Yes darling, I did." That is awesome.

My husband is the car seat guy. I simply drive everywhere because I will not move them. People look at me funny but that is just fine.

jlwh said...

I am absolutely neurotic about car seats and boosters! rofl I never knew we shared this angst over car seats! I actually joke that I have my MBA in car seat installations. Before I drove I had to take my infant car seat out of Tim's car every time I would go somewhere with my mom. Picture it...January, -10 degrees, snow swirling, hands already dried and cracked and now bleeding from trying to install the #$*&39$*)(#*%#)(&% CAR SEAT!!!!! Even now, when I don't have an infant one, whenever I move Grace's it is an all consuming experience rofl. <3 u girl!