Saturday, August 21, 2010

I am......

1. radically cleaning out my closet
2. that means: giving things to Goodwill, selling things on ebay (yes I took that plunge!), paring down to essentials, only keeping things I really love...
3. re arranging my house--putting furniture in new places, really pondering how to have a "thoughtful home" full of things I really love, being thankful for enjoying my home.
4. cleaning out kid's clothes--giving away, paring down to what they will "really" wear, making inventory of what we have for winter gear...
5. give, give, giving STUFF away. Too much stuff.
6. Trying to be mindful of what I bring into my home. Do I really need it? Or is this an impulse buy? Or a "feel-good" buy?
I like Laurel's challenge:
"When you think you can't go another day without going to the store, go one more day. Some of my most creative meals have come from the times when I think "we have nothing in the house to eat". This week is a great example of that.
Last Sunday night, I thought that I HAD to go to the store on Monday. We only had 3 eggs in the house, no sandwich bread, almost no cheese, and were low on fruit.
Additionally, I was having friends over for various meals several times during the week. I decided to make myself wait until Wednesday to go to the store, and to get creative with what was already in the pantry and fridge/freezer. Wednesday came and I decided I could wait a few more days. Now it is Sunday afternoon, and I still haven't been to the grocery store
this week."
Love that.
7. Thinking of buying "experiences" more instead of "things" : But will it make you happy?
8. Practicing contentment.
9. Savouring that Jesus is enough. How buying less can set you free
10. Thinking of doing a "buy nothing" month soon.


Stacy said...

Have you been disguising yourself as a fly on my wall? ;)

I have been:

1. Cleaning and purging and plotting to do more of it.
2. Analyzing our spaces and rearranging furniture.
3. Earlier this week I went through the kids' dressers, all of them, and ended up with four huge garbage bags of things to consign/give away and then
4. I took a load to Goodwill and to two different consignment stores.
5. Praying about how to simplify more and pare down
6. so that we're able to be more generous and
7. committing to not just run out and buy something because I want it or can rationalize that we "need" it, and
8. considering a spending freeze, but not really sure what that would look like.

We should meet up for coffee or something!

I appreciate your posts, Andrea.

Blessings to you and your day, and may you experience LOADS of contentment!

Sandi said...

I am so in this mode too. What do we really need? I am also tired of spending time moving the stuff around :o)

I will be pondering the running to the store idea. I just said to my husband that I wanted to stop doing that so often.

I am planning our fall structure/routine this weekend and find these words good food for thought.

Thanks for sharing.

Michelle said...

I think Laurel has great advice! We've been able to go days and days after the initial "I need to go to the store" thought comes to mind.

We are also going through a purge phase and it feels GREAT doesn't it?

Recently I saw Shaun Groves speak for Compassion International and he was really bringing home the message that Jesus should be enough. We can go without the next newest phones and the current "must-haves". It can really free you!

Karen said...

Yes! Yes! Yes! I am on a Functional and Beautiful Campaign. In other words, if it is not function or someone in my house does not think it is beautiful, it is out of here. I just had a major surger foward. I just purged 2/3 of my clothes and half the stuff in the basement and gave it to a yardsale that benefits Light the Night for Lymphoma and Leukemia. It was so freeing! I have done some earlier but this was a huge push. I can't wait to do more.

I love to talk about getting things but usually I end up not getting it. I talk about it, day dream with hubby what we could do with new gadget or widget, how it would be great, and then, we usually don't get it. For some reason the dreaming is often enough.

payton said...

Are you a fly on my wall too? I have been going thru every drawer and closet and asking why? Why is it here in my house? I also have about 5 things on Ebay. Clutter makes me short of breath. I am trying to wait a few days after I decied I "need" something to see if I really need it. I can look around my house at so many things I could not live without that bring no joy to my life. Pray before I pay. Love that we are on the same wavelength. It's back to school New Years.

Amy said...

I'm gonna enjoy this blog! Just found it today...(from the hookup with Ann Voskamp's site). :)

I HATE shopping and try to go as infrequently as I can. And, I hardly ever go without a list.

Now that the kids are back in school, I need to tackle some decluttering and GETTING rid of stuff. Can't wait...because it IS freeing. It frees up your time because you're not having so much 'stuff' to take care of (pick up, clean around, wash, move, etc). It frees up your mind because you're not thinking about all the stuff you have to do with your 'stuff'. haha And, it frees up your money to be more generous. All good things...

I will be back! (Actually, I think I email subscribed). :)

Tracey M. said...

I haven't left a comment in a while but I read your blog regularly. It's so great to see that there are several of us thinking this way and how the Lord is working in our hearts about mass consumption. I haven't gotten the chutzspa yet to tackle the purging of the home, but it's on my mind. I have committed myself to the 1-month of no buying (other than essentials). I found Laurel's experience incredible. I love what you're doing and look forward to reading more!