Thursday, September 30, 2010


I heard a beautiful birth story yesterday.
Was it an easy birth? No. (almost 20 hours labor and 3 hours pushing.)
Were there complications? Yes. (The placenta had to be surgically removed.)
Was the recovery easy? No. She passed out twice going to the bathroom and had to have two blood transfusions to stabilize her blood pressure and her pulse.

By all regards this should have been an easy, uncomplicated birth. She was in excellent shape, there were no complications in the pregnancy......

When I explain my first birth I like to say, "it was 18 hours long, I had a third degree tear, it was soooo hard...".

But, here, I heard something different. I heard God's mercy, His loving chastisement to her, His preparation for her in becoming a mother, her love for His will.

It was just so beautiful. She's going to be a great mama.

I need to be like that more. I need to ask myself :"What will be magnified?"
Will it be the pain, the struggle? Or the mercy and grace?
The Plan B's amidst all the Plan A's? Or the grace that saw me through?
The dirty dishes or the family dinner?
The depression and anxiety or the deep truths learned?
The confusion or the clarity?
I need to see Him more amidst it all.

He will cover you with his feathers, and under His wings you will find refuge; His faithfulness will be your shield and rampart.
~Psalm 91:4


Linda said...

This is so moving Andrea. Yes, those are the questions I would like to ask too instead of letting self push itself forward to voice all the complaints. What a blessing to everyone when someone has such a sweet spirit.
Thank you for this.

Courtney said...

Love your food for thought today, friend! I need to be seeing things through His eyes more often.

Kate said...

What a terrific reminder to be "heavenly-minded" in every situation. Sort of a twist off the old "What would Jesus do" thing - "where is God in this" is a great question for each moment of the day.

Kristin said...

Needed to hear this tonight. Puts my week in perspective!

Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more! When I heard the details I was shocked that it took weeks for her to think of sharing that part of her story because she was so busy enjoying the rest of it. I need to learn from that!
I have been so overwhelmed lately, I have actually been brought to tears several times. So over the past couple of weeks I have decided that I will make an effort to be busier enjoying the "rest of it" instead of focusing on the problems that need fixing. There's always going to be something that needs fixing, but there's also always going to be a blessing to focus on.
I love how you take such beautiful ideas and craft them into clear, concise, sweet life lessons for us. You are a gift. xo ~L

Anonymous said...

"Will it be the pain, the struggle? Or the mercy and grace?"

Wow...great reminder...sounds like Paul's words....thank you,
Mary Brooke

Aimee said...

yes and amen, friend. keeping our eyes fixed on things above....thank you for this reminder this morning as I feel some weights and pressures...may this be an opportunity for me to look for glimpses of grace!