Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Love one another.

My good friend Jeanette made me lunch one day and called it "Salad a la Andrea".
It was just salad fixin's and some grilled chicken.
So simple but so yummy.
I will made this for dinner sometimes: lettuce, salad fixin's, grilled chicken, and I'll usually make some falafel, pita and hummus to go along with it. Easy and yummy.
Jeanette at one time also made me mac and cheese with bacon for lunch one day.
It spoke so much love to me.
I went home and cried because I felt so loved.
She made it with so much love, with me in mind.
When does a mama of five ever get a special meal made for her, I ask you?
If you make me food, or bring me food, it speaks so much love to me.
I might even cry.
One of my love languages is "service", so if you "serve" me then I am deeply moved and touched.

I think it's so important to think, to really think about the people in our lives and how we can love them. Jesus teaches us to love one another. Love is not just a feeling or assuming someone knows how we feel. It is action.
What is your love language?
Is it Words of Affirmation, Quality Time, Receiving Gifts, Acts of Service, Physical Touch?
(Read more here)
Even though we all react to these languages, some affect us more deeply.
If I am really trying to speak to someone in their love language I will study what they respond to. I find it doesn't take much effort to do this.
With your husband, your children, your family, your friends.
Even people God has put in your life to minister to.
It is so powerful.

And now, I will straighten up my kitchen, so my husband will come home to a clean house, because he likes a clean home and also because his love language is service.


laurel said...

How fun that you both have the same love language! Mine is service too :)
Have you read the 5 Love Languages for Children? I haven't, but while looking at it online, read something that has given me ponder: that we should be careful about discipline, in relation to our children's love languages. For example, if a child's love language is quality time, using time out as a means of discipline, while possibly very effective, could be devastating to the child. I had never considered that before, and have been thinking on it since I read it....

Anonymous said...

I agree - that is nice that you and your spouse have the same love language. It probably makes it easier to understand one another and show love and feel loved.

It is nice to have someone prepare a meal for you, even a simple one.

Nice post. :)

Anonymous said...

Dear A,
A wonderful post! I am thinking, pondering and praying much on love...because it is so, so, so important in the Bible...even the 2nd most is how "they will know that we are Christians"..and at the end of the's what matters. Love your friend, mbb

Andrea said...

Anon, not all the time. it's not so clear cut. but i do enjoy when he "serves" me.
mbb-me too!! it is at the heart of Christianity--LOVE.
such a wonderful thing we are called to love.

jlwh said...

I <3 your grateful heart! I agree with you about the feeling of having someone prepare food especially for you. Both of my grandmothers loved doing this for their families and my Nana still will do this for us all at 78! The only thing as good is preparing a meal for someone you love that you know LOVES that you made a meal for them! It is an equal blessing:o)
ps - I am so making that mac n cheese as soon as it's cool enough for baking!!!!!