Saturday, September 25, 2010

Making memories

My daughters (9 and 8) spent all morning making art out of glitter glue, sequins and feathers. They got the fabulous idea to sell them to make "more money." They priced them, took out tables and chairs in the front yard for the "store", and fought about who does what.
I didn't have the heart to tell them that most likely no one (except for me or their father) would be interested in their priceless creations. For we all know, the fun is in the planning in these sorts of things.
How do I know this? When I was about 8 years old, my best friend in elementary school and I decided to make our own store. We spent weeks gathering things we did not want anymore from our rooms, thinking of what we would name the store and picking the date to sell everything. Of course we had no idea what we were doing. We thought people would just "know" we were selling things in her backyard and that cars would magically drive by her house and say "wow look at this!". We made our sign, we called the store "Little Things". We arranged our little things on the back deck of my friend's yard. (We sang "We're in the money!" while we did this) and then we waited. Waited and waited. We went to her front yard. One single car passed by and slowly backed up to read our sign in the front yard. "Come on! Come on!!" we jumped up and down trying to get this person to come to our store. No such luck.

Ahh, but the memories of this. I still smile to myself thinking of our big intentions, of singing "we're in the money". Of waiting. And waiting.
I let my girls go on with their plan because I knew they were making memories. I knew what the outcome would be, but I still let them do their plan. I knew the joy and the memories (and maybe disappointments) that would come out of it.

It's sort of like us, in that place where we are questioning God: "Why does this have to be?". In our darkness, we think He has overlooked us. Perhaps He is waiting, letting us experience the memories -- good and bad, knowing full well the outcome.


Children of Eve said...

I think "LIttle Things" is a such great name. Now that you blogged it someone may take it!

~nanashouse~ said...

I think this will go down in history as my favorite post of yours. You really, truly have your finger on the pulse of raising children. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for encouraging mommies to just let go now and then. My kiddos are now grown. Some of their favorite memories are planning and executing their grand schemes. Bless you :-)

Andrea said...

Thank you nanashouse--that is such a kind comment! I am blessed and encouraged by you!!
I often compare my parenting against the Lord. I know He parents us lovingly, thoughtfully, and kindly. I strive to parent like Him. (and fall short, but by His grace He makes things anew) I know He lets us execute our plans, and knows the outcome, smiling at us from above....letting us experience the emotions to learn things deep within us. I guess that is what I was trying to explain. =)