Wednesday, September 01, 2010

September the First

We are wrapping up Summer
much to my sorrow.
I love Summer and will miss it.
Tonight we had ice cream at our local ice cream shop "The Blue Pig".
(no, you can't sit on the pig.)

Playing with boxes. Does it every get old?

And I'm still in one piece.
I've been teaching a teenager to drive.


Terry @ Breathing Grace said...

I, too, have been teaching a teenager to drive. It's testing my nerves a lot more than I anticipated.

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Oh dear! Me too! (teaching a teenager to drive)... I think I need to let dad take over...It's just more than I can handle! :)

I am sorry to see summer go too:( and here in the Pacific Northwest, we did not see any sunshine until July :( Too short for me.


Anonymous said...

hi! happy september.
we LOOOOVE the headband,
pls tell k thankssomuch.
caroline wore it today :)
(our first day back, yesss.)

Hip Mountain Mama said...

great photos...summer is always such a blast, but i do love change so am always very excited for autumn to arrive!

Ann Kroeker said...

You sure know how to say good-bye to summer! The ice cream is a great idea--we made homemade ice cream and shared it with friends, but nothing quite substitutes for the fun of picking a flavor from the ice cream shop.

Also, my teenager is driving, too, and I have to admit that while it was a nerve-wracking process, it had been quite handy to send her off when I need to be somewhere else!