Thursday, November 04, 2010

Friday five: Good reads

1. Community, Friendship, and Belonging-So Needed, Such a Balm
I'm so thankful for friends who love me and care for me, who also reach out to me and help me stay connected. We were created for community.

2. Redefining Simple Living: Enjoying the Things You Love

3.Thankful on a Thursday: Relevant
A great collection of quotes from Relevant '10.

4. At the top of the stairs
I love so many things about this post. It speaks to my heart in so many ways. The little nook she created for her children, the sparseness and light of the space, the well-worn, well-used and beautiful toys, the fact she created it with intentionality so her children and future grandchildren could make memories there..... I love spaces like this. All just so lovely.

5. Hot Body Scrub
Ahh. This looks like something I want to try...soon!!

Have a wonderful weekend!!