Friday, November 12, 2010


What makes a house a home?
People, memories, messes, fights, misunderstandings, prayer, forgiveness, grace..
Books, music, good food, laughter...
Intentional spaces for our family to enjoy.

“Mother ducks pick feathers from their chests to line their nests.”

Eyes fixed on a duck breast puffed, mother plunging beak in deep, I question wondering self: “How else did you think nests were lined?”

With leftovers. With feathers discarded, the molted, the not-so-necessary feathers. I thought mother ducks picked feathers up from what was laying about, scraps, lining nests with what simply could be mustered after the fact.

But no. (Is that only the way of human mothers?) No, a mother duck plucks each feather out from the heart of her bosom, warm and soft.

She lines the nest with bits of herself. The best of her, from the deep spots.

She cups her young in her sacrifice.

(You must read this in entirety here. Sobs caught my throat when Ann spoke this at Relevant. Deep sobs from within my own mama-chest up through my throat, hot tears blurring my vision. I did not want to cry, I held the tears back. I wanted to listen and take it in. Such wise words, such relief to hear the truth from another mama who struggles plucking feathers from her breast.)

These mamas pluck feathers from their breast. And do it well.
Enjoy their intentional living spaces:
Soulemama's heart of the home

The most beautiful place in my home doesn't consist of a beautifully decorated room or new curtains...
But a place for my children to feel the love of a mama's be cushioned by the feathers from my breast....
To feel the warmth and love and forgiveness and grace from a cold, hard world.
That is how I intend to make my home.


Aimee said...

really really beautiful, friend. what a humbling amazing calling we have as wives and mothers...some days this responsibility takes my breath away (in a good and right and awe-inspired way).

Anonymous said...

I love you, Andrea. I grew up thinking that a home was judged by cleanliness and orderliness and furnishings. I am learning that a home is not judged - it is felt by the experiences and hearts within. You have a beautiful home - a reflection of your beautiful heart.

Anonymous said...

Both wonderful links Andrea.

As I have strived so very hard this week to unplug...dealing with an internet addiction (such a thin line between helpful-harmful, this blog world), I long to be addicted to Jesus, my family, my home.

I pray I pluck more and more feathers from my breast...laying them where they ought to be laid.

Have a wonderful weekend, Andrea!

Linda said...

I always feel so at home right here Andrea because you create an environment of love and warmth and family. This is just beautiful.

Christine said...

This is so beautiful to reread (Ann's words) and read for the first time (yours). I am not a "Decorator" and don't have time or instincts to create things with shabby-chic items from yard sales and antique stores. What I have to make my home with is myself, and my intentional loving words and actions toward my family. Thanks for this great weekend reminder!

sandy said...

Wow! That is wonderful! I needed this today! Thank you so much.