Monday, November 15, 2010

I chose you.

Her face smiled at me through the screen. Her body rigid in pose, I saw that she was 9 years old, like my daughter.
I thought of my nine year old--sweet, thoughtful, and gangly.

Her name was Esther, and she was 9. Her face attracted me. She seemed sweet, and thoughtful. She was also gangly. I was able to read that she lived with her grandmother, and that she was responsible for carrying water and running errands. When I read that she had been waiting for a sponsor for six months, that sealed the deal for me. How could I resist helping this child?

I clicked the button "Sponsor this child". This is a real child! And I get to help her!
I immediately began to pray for this sweet child. And her name and face had already captured my heart. I wondered if I would ever get to go to Uganda and meet this precious child as
Ann did. Oh how I would love that!
My heart swelled with love for her because I got to choose her! What a gift!

I then remembered my devotion this morning...words from Spurgeon:

"He chose them and set His love on them. He did this altogether apart from any goodness in them at the time, or any goodness that He foresaw in the. He had mercy on whom He would have mercy and ordained a chosen company unto eternal life; therefore, they are His by His unconstrained election. They are His not only by choice, but by purchase. He has bought and paid for them to the last cent; hence, there can be no dispute about His title. The Lord's portion has been fully redeemed, "not...with corruptible things, as silver and gold...but with the precious blood of Christ" (I Peter 1: 18-19)

Can you choose a child today? Can you make a difference in a child's life? Not knowing them, or knowing how they are? But where they are...right now? Compassion's website says, "Children in poverty are susceptible to believing poverty's darkest message: "You don't matter." Your prayers and letters help your child know that they matter to at least one adult--you."

I've added a button on my sidebar where all you have to do is choose and click your child. The process is so simple, but the action is not. Please consider sponsoring a child through Compassion International. It's a wonderful gift to give to someone, as well as a wonderful gift for the sponsored child.


contented sparrow said...

way to go, andrea. another adoption of sorts for you. love growing, heart expanding for this new life that's connected to yours now. sweet esther. i DREAM of being able to visit our maryline in kenya someday. for now we can pray and write do exactly what you are doing, telling others how they can reach out to children in poverty for Christ's sake.

i see Him in you, andrea.
may you see Him in all today,

Anonymous said...

We recently discovered the joy of sponsorship and I am amazed at how it is transforming our family. Like you, knowing that Happyness had been waiting for 6+ months for a sponsor was a deal-maker. I'm glad that we chose her, and I'm REALLY glad that HE chose us! :)

Your blog is great!

Sandi said...

Our little girl Jovia, is nine and lives in Uganda too! One of the best decisions we made.

We also asked if there were any children who had a finanacial sponsor but didn't get letters....and so we also write and build realtionship with Jose from Guatemala. If you can't afford to sponsor you can still change a childs life! I would contact Compassion and ask. Thanks for sharing your heart for these kids Andrea.

Love the Spurgeon quote too. :o)

Christine said...

We chose our child last year and it has been such a blessing to us! He and I write back and forth often and I'd love to have another "chosen" child someday. Maybe one for the kids to completely adopt. :) Thanks for sharing this from your heart.

tonia said...

Sandi, that's a wonderful idea!

we sponsor several kids through WV and i am trying really hard to get us writing them all once a month.

hasn't it been so inspiring to read all these compassion blogging trips and find out how much we really mean to these sweet kids?

angela said...

I recently read on the Compassion blog about writing to your sponsored child on the second Friday of each month. We'll be doing that from now on.Sandi, writing to sponsored children who don't receive letters is a wonderful idea.

Natalie said...

Beautiful, I love it! If you go to Uganda, I'm coming with! We've been blessed to sponsor a boy there through Watoto for 5 years now. When I opened his updated picture this years the tears welled up- to see how big and healthy he looked! God is good to allow us into His plan for caring for the poor and the orphaned.

Michelle ~ Blogging from the Boonies said...

Our family has 8 sweet Compassion children and, oh how they have changed our lives. I am so glad you are spreading the word about Compassion. Please be sure to let your readers know how important their letters are! The focus of my blog has shifted to sharing ideas for letter-writing topics and fun things to include with your mailings. Those letters are like GOLD to those kids!

Ann Voskamp @Holy Experience said...


What if I don't have words?
Is it okay if I just come sit in a quiet corner here, my heart a bit in my throat?
Bought and paid for.

And that we can choose to love like He's loved us?

And you with your Esther -- for such a time as this.

Your stories here... they are so good, so good.

Thank you for just letting me come and sit in a back corner quiet. You teach me much, you radiating Him... I remember.

Jackie said...

Oh, we may do this again.
We did it before, and the child just disappeared, and we got no clear answers as to what had happened to our money, our regular gifts and our bigger, birthday gift.
But if maybe that was just one bad experience, and everyone else here has had a good experience, maybe, we will go back.