Monday, December 13, 2010

Etsy love

It's getting down to the wire....
Have you finished your Christmas shopping?
Here are some of my favorite etsy sites for Christmas shopping or whatever!....enjoy!

Shabby Flower Love these handmade flower pins. I ordered the red poppy one and I love it! An early Christmas gift for myself! I love that she is using the money she makes on her etsy site to raise money for the adoption of her little girl.

Eclectic Whatnot Whimsical and beautiful camera strap covers. I want one!!!

Barb Malm This is so cool! You send old baby clothes or T-shirts to this seller and she creates personalized quilts! Great for sentimental non-quilters like me!!

Mirasol Farm Love this seller!! I have ordered soaps and lip balm from her and they are luscious!!! Great gifts! I bought a whole bunch and gave them as teacher gifts with a soft washcloth.

Enhabiten Such care is put into the work in this etsy store. I ordered the White cross balsam pillow for my living room also. Liane uses all earth-friendly and vintage materials. Love.

A bit of a plug:

Children of Eve My good friend Eve is an artist. Her work is impeccable. You must look at her items.

Nizhoni Ribbons My daughter. She is a careful and creative designer and maker of headbands for little girls! I see she only has one listing right now! But someone to keep in mind.*grin*

Any favorite etsy sites you absolutely LOVE???


Courtney said...

LOve these Etsy links you posted! Have you been to Nie Nie's stuff going over there for the holidays too!

Anonymous said...

This woman lives in Switzerland and is very graciously custom making a knit hat for me to give to my dad. Her work is lovely.

My husband bought me an amazing vintage clock from this shop:)

I just love these etsy share posts - lots of good ideas.