Thursday, January 20, 2011

Encourage one another

I wonder if....
How radically changed our community would be
if we actually used more words.

More edifying words.
More uplifting words.
More truth words.
More encouraging words.

Encourage one another, and build each other up. ~I. Thessalonians 5:11

"...on Monday I reached out to a woman in my bible study who actually doesn't go to my church, i asked her to come over and she did. Anyway she came over and just let me cry and told me that she was going to come over every day this week and help me with whatever, laundry, organizing, cry with me, let me take a nap, whatever. A huge weight has lifted for me at the THOUGHT of someone caring about me and my family."

Oh, just the THOUGHT. Just the THOUGHT! That is all it took to feel a burdened lifted.

How is someone to know if you are praying, are hearing, are listening, if you see their pain, if you don't tell them!!!!

Hi Andrea,
I just wanted you to know that I'm in prayer for your friend.

Oh, thank you, friend. You are praying. You told me. You care. I know!! I didn't know before!!

How am I supposed to know if you don't tell me?

Is there someone God has put on your heart? Someone that has come to mind? Someone who you know is struggling? Give them WORDS.

Words of encouragement, of edification, of praise, of truth:

Encourage one another and build each other up. ~I.Thessalonians 5:11

Even if...
you think they are ok, are handling it.
you think they are not ok.
you are scared of how they will act.
you are scared of how they will not act.
you don't know what to say. (God will give you the words. It so simple, it could just be: "I care.")
you are busy. (make time.)
you are not busy. (write a letter! words to always treasure!)
you think someone else is encouraging them or helping them or reaching out to them. (most likely not, but even if--still do it!)

I'm thinking of you so much lately, and have been remiss in letting you know. One of the best things we can do for each other is letting each other know that you are being thought of, prayed for. ~email from Elise

31 days of encouragement....


Anna said...

On that note...

I'm a newer reader, and your blog HIGHLY encourages and inspires me. Thank you for what you write.

Sandi said...

So true. Thanks for using your own words to encourage.

Mama Duck said...

Thanks heaps for the reminder :) Your picture reminded me of something... in my family when I grew up, we used to write notes to eachother all the time... in our suitcases if 1 person went away, notes under our pillows, writing notes on a banana in your lunch box, notes left on the bench... and i every now and again realise that since I got married, my hubby and i don't do that much. And I MISS IT!! It is so lovely, and thoughtful and made you feel special. Every now again, i subconciously find myself looking at the becnh in the morning when i come downstairs, only to find nothing@ :( how sad!!!
I occasionally say to myself, "must start that going again", and i do it once or twice, encourage my hubby to as well...but then we forget again! we need to form a habit me thinks!
i am newly determined. It makes such a positive difference to encourage our family, at least!

thanks! i'm going to go and write an encouraging note to my hubby for his lunch tomorrow!

Mama Duck said...

PS- some link love, I wrote about you today!

Linda said...

Just perfect Andrea. Encouragement is a gift to both giver and receiver. Thank you for putting into words something so needed. We do have to tell, and we do need to respond. It is faith walked out.

Dawn Camp said...

Andrea, you are so right. I love your "even ifs" - there really is no good excuse for us not to try to encourage.

ROBBIN (with 2 b's) said...

Andrea, love love love this reminder and challenge. I have been thinking about how in years past, before kids, before homeschooling, before domestic tasks have consumed my existence, I used to be the person who sent the note, delivered the gift, made the call, cooked the meal, checking in and made a difference to those I love. My heart is the same, yet my actions and lack of words have created both a void for me (funny how God really does fill us up when we pour out our love on others) but also a noticeable negative impact on some truly special relationships. When the new year started, I decided I wanted to make sure I was intentional about my life. Not to just think about things but to act, to do, to say what is on my heart. No more hesitating. Now truly is the time to share our hearts and our words. Thank you for sharing this and all you share. You inspire and encourage!

suzy said...

This is so true. Words are wonderful healers and gifts.
Just letting someone know you care, you are thinking of them, you are praying for them.
I know from experience how much it has meant to me when someone has taken the time to do this.
Thanks for the encouragement.

Heather said...

What a wonderful reminder. Something so simple yet so often forgotten!

children of eve said...

So true Andrea. Encouraging words are so powerful. They live far beyond the moment that they're spoken in.