Thursday, January 06, 2011

I love to hear others' New Year's "Goals". I'll admit, I am not the greatest at keeping Resolutions, so this year I decided to call them "goals". With a goal, you need a plan. This I keep in mind when making some of my goals for this year.
I love the idea of making a New Year's word, but there are other goals that I have that don't fit into that "word". Also, I have more than one word. Oh, the dilemma.
But I remind myself that life is messy, and my goals may not all fit into one "word"--so who says I can't have both? A word (or two), and some goals. There's meaning to be found there!

I thought for awhile about my "word". I couldn't narrow it down to one. So I have two.
The first is OPEN. This year I want to be open. I want to have open eyes to see what the Lord is showing me. Open eyes to see where needs in my community are. Open eyes for the chance to show gratitude to the Lord for the many gifts He has given me. Open eyes to see where I can minister to others. I want to have an open heart that is sensitive and tender to what the Lord is telling me. I want to have an open heart to be humbled before Him. To accept what He has given me, even though I might want something else. An open heart to forgive and love others that are placed in my life. And then, I want to have open hands. Open hands palm up ready to accept what He has placed in my life. Open hands palm up giving Him all that I have. Open hands palm up in worship to Him. Open hands palm up ready to give all that I have to Him--whether it is time, energy, money, thoughts, plans--whatever.

The other word is JOY. I am looking at the word JOY differently than others might. I am using the acrostic Jesus Others You to fight for JOY in my life. This helps me keep my priorities in order, and doing that will ultimately give me true joy in my life in all circumstances. I want to dive deeper into the word of God and devote my mornings to Him on a more consistent basis. I have gotten out of the habit of rising early and spending time with Him since my last baby. This year I am participating in the Read the Bible in 90 days program at Mom's Tool Box. I got to sit beside Amy at the Relevant Conference and got to hear first hand her experience doing "Read the Bible in 90 days". It is such a great opportunity to do this with support and prayer and accountability. All needed when taking this huge project on! I am finished with the book of Genesis and it has blessed me tremendously. I am doing this with my sweet friend Natalie. We text each other every day to see how we've done. Having that accountability with her also been a blessing. Doing this will help me get in the habit of reading the Word and also rising early to be with Him.
Along with the JOY acrostic, this year I want to focus on other people God has placed in my life. I want to be intentional about this. I want to serve others, deepen relationships, and minister to people God has put on my heart. I want to listen, and more importantly, OBEY what He tells me to do.

Lastly, "YOU". I plan to continue to focus on taking care of myself as a mother so I can mother my children and also be a better wife to my husband. This includes eating well, taking my vitamins and
Doing things that make me happy.So I suppose the words "Joy" and "Open" do fit well with my goals for this year.
Do you have a word? Do you have goals? Please share a link or comment!

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Kimberly said...

I think Open(&)Joy are delightful! It sounds like unwrapping a present, doesn't it--OPEN JOY? And isn't Joy a gift from Him? :)
I couldn't do just one word either--FLY FREE is my theme for this year.

Christine said...

I love your words! "Open" especially speaks to me. I just posted my new year's word-focus a couple of days ago. It's "free" and you can read why over at my place. I want God to guide me into great spacious places in my life this year!

Happy New Year!

Joy @ SAH Missionary said...

Love your words. I love the word pictures that both of those words paint. My word for this year is Worship, although Joy was one that I thought a lot about...but I figure that joy will flow out of worship. Here's my post about it:
Thanks for sharing!

Courtney said...

Love your thoughts here, Andrea. Beautiful!

Natalie said...

I had a hard time choosing my word. This is the first time I even contemplated the idea. Then God reminded me not to be so serious about it- wrote about it here

I love your words and I am so thankful to be reading the bible in 90 days together!!! Thanks for mentioning me here, friend.

Linda said...

Great words Andrea - they encompass so much. I love the idea of being open in all the different ways you've shared.
I need that accountability. I sometimes make myself write things out so that I will feel that responsibility to follow through :-)

Clare said...

Fantastic words to focus your year Andrea! So simple but they encompass every area of your life. Clever :)

I like to do a sentence, kind of like a mission statement for my theme of the year and this year mine is "The year of positive living and spiritual growth".

Jackie said...

You got down to two!That's brilliant, I got stuck on four and they are all a bit ... practical!

Maybe I can think of one inspirational word as an umbrella term for my four 'plodders'! I'll give it some thought.