Monday, January 10, 2011

Mama Monday

Mama Monday is back!
Did you miss it? I did!
Today's Mama Monday is the lovely Payton from the blog Life in the Birdhouse.
Payton's blog is a sweet little place where she shares snippets from her family life and beautiful photos of her children.
I personally love her "Ten on Tuesday", where she writes 10 things that are going on in her life. I have laughed out loud at many of them.
I appreciate Payton's honesty and realness on her blog.
Payton is the sister of my very first Mama Monday ever featured here, Betsy!!
Ladies, I bring you Payton:
(Payton is so fabulous looking, don't you think? I love her cowboy boots in the first picture.)

*Greatest thing about being a mom-
I love all of the physical things about being a mom. Starting with the flutter kicks in the womb, to the
sweet smell of baby breath, hugs, snuggling, pinching fat legs, kisses, watching a new walker, watching
sleeping babies. (I have trained my 4 year old baby to not wake up when I sneak in at night and kiss all
over him.) As my babies are getting older, I am starting to appreciate watching them grow into tiny
people. I think watching them "get something" for the first time is awesome. From the first bike ride to
grasping a complex subject, seeing that light go off in their head is super fun for me.

*Hardest thing about being a mom-

Besides having patience? I think knowing my prayers for them are on God's time and not mine. These
little eternal beings have their own path that God has planned and I have to let them walk down it. I
want to prevent pain sometimes at any cost, but I have to remember that God might be teaching them
something painful, even a second grade mean girl struggle.

*Favorite Blogs
This one, of course! Karen Russell 's My Life, The Creative Mama, Fly Through Our Window, The Pig
Bear, hoop city, and all of Sara Janssen's blogs. I would like to say I don't look at FaceBook more than a
couple of times a day but that would be a lie.

*How do you find balance in your life?
As a mom in recovery, balance is essential. I attend about four 12- step meetings a week ( thanks to an
awesome husband who gives up his lunch hour to watch our littlest because he knows I need the
meetings to stay sane. Or as sane as I get.) I also exercise with an awesome group of women 4 times a
week. Accountability is key for me. Add BSF Bible study, church, and the most important (even though I
put them last), my marriage and my family, and that's all I have time for. I keep it simple and I say no.
The parties and clubs will have to come at another season of my life. There are many great organizations
that I would one day like to be a part of but for right now my family and my sobriety requires the
majority of my time.

*One word that describes you- Genuine. (I cheated and asked some people. This answer was from my
mom and I liked it the best. She said, "You are just gonna be who you are." I like that. )

*Favorite color-
Green and navy blue

Music, photography, hooping (thanks Sara), writing, CrossFit, baking. I know watching TV isn't really a
hobby or interest but I do that a lot too.

*I couldn't live without-
My faith. My best friend and amazing husband, Jason. My sister and my camera.

*What helps me through tough days?
Prayer, talking to friends, or a hot bath. Getting out of myself and focusing on the needs of someone
else always helps.

*What has the Lord been speaking to you about lately?
How big He is and yet how personal He is. I have been studying Isaiah at BSF and church and I keep
getting this picture of a God that created the Universe and can hold the ocean in the palm of his hands
but yet takes me by the hand and says, "Do not fear. I will help you." (Isaiah 41:13) I think I often
underestimate how big God really is and when I get a glimpse of the reality it makes my stomach flip and
my brain hurt. And to know that this big God knows ME and loves ME is totally overwhelming.

*What do you like best about yourself?
I am comfortable with where I am in life for the first time. I am so excited about how God has redeemed
my life and love when He give me opportunities to share it with others.

*If I could encourage a young mother I would say...?
Funny that you ask this because I had the opportunity to spend some time with a young mother recently
and this is what I told her:
1. Pray. About everything. All the time.
2. Stay in today. Don't worry about what your baby is going to do when she is 3 because today she is 3
months. Enjoy each day and don't waste your time worrying about things that haven't happened.
3. Trust your gut. Listen to whoever you want to and read as many books as you want, but remember
that none of those people have ever had YOUR baby. Your baby might want to do things differently and
that's OK. If your motherly instincts are telling you something, then LISTEN.

*One book I would recommend (besides the Bible)...
I really like the Jesus Calling devotional book and The Excellent Wife by Martha Peace has been a
reference book of mine for a long time. I keep having to go back to it when I realize how non-excellent I
have become. My favorite fiction book is Redeeming Love.

Thank you Payton!!!!!
Make sure you stop over at her blog and say hello!

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Betsy Norwood said...

awww. how i love this mama!! thank you, sweet sister for sharing your heart with us. you are always a reminder of the power of God's redeeming love. you are a picture of the promise of what the Lord has in store for us when we abide in Him. yay for Payton!!