Thursday, January 27, 2011

Multitude Monday: On a Thursday

It's official. It's now the snowiest January on record here. And me, the southern girl coming from mild winters has lived here in the Northeast for 13 years. And I'm still not used to the snow and the cold and all the headache they bring. But the Lord has me here--for my appointed time--for such a time as this. Who knows the ways of the Lord? And, so I'm counting. Counting the Thousand Gifts. Because I have to. Because He commands me to. Because I need to survive winter well.

#1 morning light on snow

#2 fresh greens in winter

#3 my go-to soup: Winter Vegetable Soup

#4 my red cast iron pot

#5 new cookbooks, new eating habits

#6 oh yes, and God bless this mess on my desk. (I think it's funny that the book 'Organized Simplicity' is in the middle of it all...that just sums up my life: good intentions, but life overtakes them sometimes....)

#7 evening light on the snow covered landscape


Natalie said...

Fresh fallen snow was the first to make my list today! It IS beautiful, isn't it?

Linda said...

I remember those winters Andrea. They can be so looong, especially with little ones. It is a joy to see you finding gratitude in the midst of all of it.

Christine said...

I love the picture of your desk! I'm glad I'm not the only one! I had forgotten that you're a transplanted southerner. Looking for things to be grateful for- and when we really try, it's impossible not to find them- will get you through.

laurel said...

I have that same pot and it brings me crazy amounts of happiness when I use it (and my wooden spoons!). I am also loving Feeding The Whole Family. Do you have any favorite recipes out of there yet? What do you think of the other one, do you recommend it? Also, what are your thoughts on the organizing one?
I think of you a lot, dealing with the snow, being a southern girl, and often say a little prayer for you...we get snow for a few hours every few years and that's plenty for me. I love all these posts on gratitude...

Aimee said...


children of eve said...

Ha! That's funny, I was searching for that book last night. I forgot where it was. So, instead I went to YOUR old Moosewood Cookbook with your handwritten notes and tonight's (yummy) soup came from it. SO, how did yours turn out?
love you---eve

tonia said...

beautiful scenes and cookbooks and real life living...LOVELY.

and it BLESSES my heart that you are extending the invitation for correspondents. *teary* I love your welcoming heart. thank you for being my friend, andrea.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for being honest enough to take a photo of your messy desk. I love the "real-ness" of this blog.