Tuesday, February 15, 2011

#32: our body telling us when we are sick
#33: mama-instinct: my boy is not getting better
#34: a smart pediatrician
#35: affordable antibiotics
#36: Husband being able to take off work for 2 days as we figure out what is wrong with my son.
#37: phone calls, texts, emails from concerned friends
#38: the power of prayer. Being able to go to the THRONE with our requests.
#39: Echo-Cardiogram: being able to see my son's heart! So amazing!
#40: my son's braveness in getting through many, many blood tests..
#41: seeing the white blood count and CRP numbers go down.
#42: ruling out a possible diagnosis that would be scary
#43: a stronger antibiotic to take away the bacteria in his body
#44: seeing my son's symptoms get better!
#45: being able to comfort and nurture him
#46: getting through two weeks of uncertainty and stress with a measure of peace I would not have had without prayer.
#47: husband taking on an active role in my son's health. (usually I am the one pushing for care. it was nice to have him take over.)
#48: a son who is healthy.


Christine said...

Praise God! Counting the gifts opens your eyes, doesn't it. I'm so thankful your little one is OK. Breathe deeply today, Andrea!

Linda said...

Rejoicing with you Andrea. It is always so difficult when our children are very sick - even when they're all grown up.

Courtney said...

So glad!!

Kim Hyland said...

I'm sitting in the ER right now with my BIG boy (18 yrs) waiting for CAT scan results on his enlarged spleen. Dr. wants to rule out a rupture. I join you in giving thanks for peace that passes understanding, available health care, and the Supreme Physician and His perfect care.

Clare said...

Yay! So glad to hear your little boy is better :)

Anonymous said...

Praise the Lord Andrea!
And, Kim, I am praying for you and your son too.


Mrs. Pivec said...

Praise God and thanks to Him for #46! I'm so thankful your boy is better and that you have made it through this hard time leaning on your Savior. Blessings and restful days ahead for all of you. :)

Children of Eve said...

Ah, I am so thankful.

suzy said...

So thankful that everything is alright now.
It's the worst feeling in the world when a child becomes sick.