Monday, April 18, 2011

More on cultivating friendships

Just wanted to highlight some of the conversation and thoughts that have come from my post at Sally's blog. It has been so fulfilling to hear every one's thoughts on cultivating friendships, and especially Sally's additional thoughts. I just wanted to share here again if you haven't been able to stop by.

If I have a friends with whom to share life I will hold fast to my ideals

Just a little thought

Some thoughts from Sally I wanted to highlight:

“It is an art of a civilized woman to extend the life and grace and beauty of Jesus to all who are in her wake, while filling up with the love of her friends that she has helped to create.”

"..... I think the older I get the more I have been emptied by the many tasks and people who are in my life. I think that a part of a wise woman’s legacy is to realize that God was the one who created friendships and family (most of us do not live close to our families and we do not always have values in common), so sustain us, to fill our emotional cups, to celebrate the journey of life and motherhood together. Our husbands were never made to have to do this all by themselves, it would put too much pressure on them.
And so, having and cultivating a godly friend or even a godly group of friends, is a protection for ourselves. When someone is there to believe in us, to pray with us, to laugh with us, to help take the burden, then we are not alone in this battle.
And when I am strengthened in and through friendships and my children also have some families of good and godly friends who support them and love them, we are all better able to bear these ideals with grace.
The more filled my cup, the more grace I am able to pour out on my husband when he gets home from a long day and needs me to extend myself to him.
Life with children at the center does not always neatly allow regular time with friends, but I make the time because it is a part of essential fellowship for me. I have a friend I pray with many mornings before we get started. I also make friendship time to be with my oldest daughter every week–breakfast together, as she is my spiritual equal and is committed to me as I am to her. I make time with a sweet older friend whom I respect because I need her spiritual guidance in my life. And more.
A woman who is alone in her home bearing so much stress and work without a companion to lift her up becomes and easy target for Satan. And so it is definitely something we must seek out, commit to, so that we may find a grace to help keep us going.
God validated Jonathan and David as friends–David needed a Jonathan to help him through these difficult challenges...."


Christine said...

Amen, love this. I'm finding more and more as I get older, friendships are a treasure.

contented sparrow said...

to really know someone and truly be known deeply satisfies that desire God placed in me. authentic friendships are a rare gift. i love that you've been posting about this. thanks, andrea. you're a gift to me.

Andrea said...

me too, Megan. And I think some people desire it more than others? It's where I have to forgive when others don't. And embrace them when they do! Thankful for you, too!