Thursday, April 28, 2011

On a Thursday night.

A rainbow always appears in the same spot, right outside our front door.

This little one sees it clearly for the first time.

Staring at it, taking it in. I know the feeling, little one.

My backyard. I never get tired of this view. Peaceful.


Fiona said...

What a lovely outlook for you! Restful photos ... It is strange that rainbows always appear in the same place, at our place its at the back of the house, in the east (which sometimes makes for great photos of our house with a rainbow over it)

Linda said...

It is wonderful to see something through the eyes of a child. It brings back the wonder.
You have a lovely view Andrea.

contented sparrow said...

oh, andrea...i would never tire of that view, either. (even if it's not in the South :) so, so, lovely. love the stone walls, too.

Anonymous said...

i don't think i'd ever tire of that beautiful view either. at home (in cincinnati) there was a double rainbow (i know because all our family & friends are posting pics of it). homesick.

how sweet that your little one noticed this time...and that you captured it.


Christine said...

I love Lee's wispy hair! *sigh* that babyness doesn't last nearly long enough.