Friday, April 22, 2011

Weekend reads

Obedience is a pathway, not a procedure.
This post is why I love Sally and think she is a wonderful mothering/homeschooling mentor. This was Sally's heart back in the 1990s when she wrote Educating the Whole-Hearted Child. (my first home schooling "manual") I was so excited to find her book amidst the many "To Train up a Child" philosophies. Many teachers/mentors in the 1990s "preached" first-time obedience and wanted to mold their children by home schooling. Not many out there then were talking about relationships with your children and "capturing their heart". Sally was. She was full of grace, not condemnation or fear. Her teaching resonated with me then, when she seemed to be a lone advocate, and her lessons speak to me now. It's letting go of who you want your children to be, and trusting the Lord with them. It's not caring how they may "appear" to others, but simply loving them for who they are as unique individuals. It's teaching them things through a relationship--by spending time with them, by talking with them, by discussing ideas with them. It's not about making them fit into a mold of what everyone else is doing or what you think they should be doing. That is why I appreciate Sally's encouragement in this area.

Lessons learned from turning off the tv

How to make space for good thinking Ohhh, I love this!!! I think this advice is great for a mother. It goes along with my philosophy that if you are nourishing yourself, then your family and children will get the overflow. Therefore, if you nourish your creative time, your family will get the overflow.

Raising good eaters and a sample menu

Redefining Radical I am praying for my church specifically to become radical. I am praying for revival in their hearts--which is where it starts.

Have a wonderful Easter weekend!


Stacy said...

I liked your links, but especially the Redefining Radical post.

Thanks, Andrea!

(Oh, and I adore Sally, too!)

Christine said...

I always love your choice of links. I was surprised to see mine up there this time! LOL. Have a wonderful Easter weekend with your family. :)

children of eve said...

Great post Andrea-
I especially like the 'radical' link. I am in so much agreement with it. I love this- “First and foremost we are called to Someone, not to something or to somewhere.”

Fiona said...

Thanks for stretching my mind today with all these good links!