Wednesday, May 18, 2011

God in the Yard: Silence

In L.L. Barkat's book God in the Yard she explores the spiritual practice of Silence. "Listening is the path to intimacy," says poet John Fox. Do you agree?
In our large group study of this book, we were encouraged to sit in silence for 10 minutes and write or sketch what we "heard" in the silence. It happened to be pouring rain on this morning, and I listened to the rain, watched the green leaves outside becoming wet and wrote this:

Bare empty sticks
lush fragrant
in due time.

Things are Always Changing.
The Way I Feel Now
Will not last forever.

God is constantly changing Nature.
But He never does.
He stays the Same.

We do not stay hidden in the tight bulb.
We are let out to bloom
To have new life
To Change
to Become
lush, fragrant
not always
Bare, Empty Sticks.


Aimee said...

so beautiful, friend. thanks for sharing that with us this morning :)

Laura said...

Oh so lovely! I don't think I could come up with anything like that if I was silent for 10 minutes. Maybe I'll try....

Alicia said...

So beautiful! Thanks for sharing. I love how we can hear Him when we choose to be still. Your insight makes me want to go sit in the yard :) Perhaps when the baby naps!

May you flourish today!

Courtney said...

lovely meditation ;) Thanks!

ROBBIN (with 2 b's) said...

I love the idea of being silent. I am so NOT good at that. Your poem is wonderful. Visions of nature and God's purest grace found in tangible evidence of spring. Love, love, love it. In fact, I (with permission only of course) I am thinking I want to use your words on a piece of artwork I want to put in my newly Spring decorated laundry room. . What do you think?

kelley said...

Ideas so much on my mind today! Thank you for sharing.