Thursday, June 02, 2011

In all circumstances

"Mom, what are we having for dinner?"
My back's turned to her as I stir the sauce. Mentally, I cringe, and I slowly close my eyes and take a deep breath.
"Pasta." I say, not giving anymore information.
I wait, my eyes still closed.
"But we had pasta this week!" she protests.
And I go through the spill, again, "well that was pasta with asparagus and lemon butter sauce and salmon, and tonight it's tomato sauce..."I falter off, not wanting to indulge her in this conversation.
It's the daily dinner question: "What's for dinner?"
Some nights I'm good at handling it, some nights it's exactly what they want to eat and they don't protest it, and some nights, like tonight, I just feel sorry for myself.
Child, don't you know how stressful the past two hours have been? Wrangling baby from the cabinets, steering him from the snack cabinet, pausing to talk with teen about a school project that I have no brain cells to even think about, helping 10 year old with her emotions from a bad day, taking care of a sick little one with strep throat and whines from the five year old because I turned off his favorite show...and dinner's not done and I have to go get husband from the train, because we only have one car this week, and...and.....don't you realize I do my best around here?
And why can't you just be thankful for my effort--for this home made meal made for you...don't you realize the time and effort I put into feeding this family and how hard it is to make dinner for 7 people every night?
And I catch myself, and stop my pity party because He reminds me:
Child, how many times have you complained to me because of what I've done?
How many times have you been ungrateful for My effort?
And my "best" is really "Best"!
And yet you are still ungrateful.
And I say, "Lord, Lord, you are right. I need to trust You more. You're in all this. You do all things well. I will rejoice and be glad in You."

Give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus. ~I. Thessalonians 5:18

#107 Flowers from a dear friend's garden.
#108 A mentoring relationship.
#109 Being able to cook dinner for my family every night. It blesses me so much.
#110 Food that nourishes and strengthens little bodies, even if they don't realize the blessings of that just yet..
#111 Your Word, your Word. Your precious Word.


contented sparrow said...

your thoughts mirror my own lately
just last night after roasting garlic and chopping all the vegetables and frying the bacon and sauteing it al to perfection and conjuring up a sauce and boiing the pasta and washing the pans,
i was filled with self-pity when 2 out of three children asked that dreaded question, "what's for dinner?" and then made faced and groaned, "but i don't like asparagus!"
even though i adore cooking and serving my family, horribly i had those thoughts, "why are you so ungrateful? don't you realize how blessed you are to have this kind of food prepared for you with love when other kids are eating packaged food tonight? grrrr."

and, you, andrea, have it right. HE has it right.
thanks for refocusing my heart and eyes on Him and the gratitude that is His due.
-mouths to feed, bodies to grow
-time to prepare thoughtful and healthy meals
-a way to be a servant
-doing it as unto You, Lord

contented sparrow said...

and apparently, i shouldn't be writing comments at a quarter to 11 at night. excuse my typos.

payton said...

Love this. Now that we are out of school mine ask..."what are we going to do today?" In other words, what are you going to do to entertain us today? And what are we going to eat? Thank you for reminding me who called me to this job as a mother. And who gives me the strength to do it.

Anonymous said...

Very good words Andrea. They blessed me with truth and understanding! Love Mary Brooke

Anonymous said...


I can relate to this. I've had this conversation with my children often, especially my nine year old daughter. But, we are to serve just like Jesus serves us and REJOICE in the Lord always. It is so hard to do, and I fail miserably all the time. However, God does give us grace and amazingly teaches us amidst frustrating everyday circumstances, and I know I have much to learn. Thank you for sharing these thoughts. I needed to hear it.


Christine said...

Do we have the same child?? Seriously. It does make me feel sorry for myself sometimes, and that is selfish of me. Your perspective is so wise!!

Children of Eve said...

Andrea- please don't take it personally. Kids have NO CLUE about this one. I remember as a child (and teen) my single mom would trudge home carrying groceries (on foot-no car) to make us a decent meal. We kids would be playing, watching tv, never helping. Magically dinner always appeared. I never thought about her needs or her work. Boy do I appreciate her now and let her know it.
When mine ask what's for dinner. I like to say things like, "same as yesterday- food" or "just what we have".

Jenny said...

Oh boy has God been dealing with me over this very issue. Thankfully He corrects me in the quiet of my heart and not out loud in front of I do my children {sigh}