Monday, June 20, 2011

Multitude Monday

#112: an unexpected, precious letter and gift from a sweet sister in the Lord telling me she is thinking and praying for me. Love in action.

#113: A small booklet in said letter that I can't wait to read: From Brokenness to Community by Jean Vanier
on the back:
"The text in this book originated as two lectures given by Jean Vanier at Harvard University in 1988. He speaks eloquently of the lessons he has learned from the disabled adults he serves at his community in France and at other houses. He speaks of his own healing and his own need for people. He speaks of the power of belonging and how it satisfies the deepest needs in people. Vanier does not romanticize community. For him, community is a place of struggle and sometimes of conflict. Community is a place where ego dies, a place of surrender. However, it is also a place of celebration, joy and ultimately of human fulfillment."

#114: sweet bare legged babies. A-hem, toddlers.

#115 Three birds' nests in a row under our deck!! Brave birdies!

#116: a relaxing Father's Day amidst a busy work schedule.

#117: flourishing Lavender

#118: my hydrangeas I planted last year!!!


Linda said...

It's a lovely list Andrea - love those little legs!
What joy to get a package in the mail and to know a friend is praying.
Have a wonderful week Andrea!

Children of Eve said...

So nice. I especially love the "Daddy" picture. I planted hydrangea this year, I hope it will come up blue like yours next year.

Laura said...

Andrea, have you done anything special to your hydrangea? I have one in my backyard. It is not dead, but there haven't been flowers on it for a couple of years. I love blue hydrangeas! Just wondering if it needs special treatment.

Andrea said...

Laura, no i haven't! that is why i was so shocked to see them so vibrant! have you gave them plant food? maybe that would help. sorry i am not much help!!

Andrea said...

I do know that they like shady areas/indirect sun. if they are in the bright sun they will not flourish as well.

Laura said...

I have not given them plant food. I guess I need to do a search on how to care for one. I have really enjoyed the ones I have seen around town this year. A friend of ours used them in their wedding. Unusual, but beautiful!

debbie bailey said...

That little booklet sounds like just what I need right now. I'm going through some rough waters with a few extended family members. Not fun.

Anonymous said...

Still reading..learning...praying and growing from you. Thank - you!!Hoping you might venture up to Pa?? Love your thoughts and wisdom.
Diana B.

Mary Smith said...

So many things to thank God for! Those nests are exciting!

Rambling Heather said...

Such beautiful gifts. I love reading your words, they are so soothing and inspirational!

Personne said...

Oh, how I love baby feet; so kissable!

Susan said...

I really want to read the brokenness book! I'm so glad you posted about it. There's lot to soak up in just the few posts I've looked at this evening. I copied your post about hospitality because I *need* to read it and think about it (long story). Oh, and by the way, I really liked your post about the south. My son and I were just talking about the south (the only part of the US I haven't been), and I said that most people seem to grow deep roots there, and they seem to love the place, no matter where else they move or for how long. Anyway, I liked your post.


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