Monday, June 13, 2011

::right now::

Right now, I am::

::waiting for my children's school year to be over. (One more week!)
::planning a trip to the Japanese bookstore in NYC sometime in the next couple of weeks...
::thinking about what to put on our Summer List
::praying about some hard words that need to be spoken...
::learning a little every day how to Trust Him more and more.
::revisiting this post by Jewels for such Godly comfort. And this one.
::looking at my letters that need to be responded to.
::dreaming of my two weeks down at the lake in the South that will be coming up soon.
::feeling discombulated and needing some time to organize thoughts.

...I'll be taking a short hiatus from this place for a little bit. Not sure how long, but for now, I need to rest with my thoughts for awhile. God is doing some deep probing of my life, and I need to sit with Him and figure it all out. Prayers appreciated. I hope to come back to this place very soon refreshed and re-energized.


Linda said...

Praying He speaks to your heart in a very special way Andrea. Your list sounds good - some hard things but some wonderful things to look forward to. Praying for grace and peace.

contented sparrow said...

yes, dear andrea, also praying for you...for clarity and rest and contentment and grace. (don't we all need this?)
thanks for reminding me about jewels' words and wisdom. sigh. those posts bless.
and, 2 weeks in the South?? yeah for you!
love you, girl.