Monday, June 06, 2011

Weekend wrap up

1. I got to go on a date with my hubby for his birthday on Friday night. Got to put makeup on and fix my hair. I love that.

2. Feeling sore today. But a good sore. I am doing Couch to 5K with a friend of mine. We are training to run this in October with 3 other ladies. Can't wait!

3. My husband had to work this weekend. But I made it through! Did you know
this post is my most googled post on my blog?

4. We also had strep throat in our house this week. Ugh. Thankfully we have an new urgent care that opened up near us so I was able to get antibiotics on a weekend.

5. I finally planted my vegetable garden on Saturday. It's looking pretty pitiful. But on another note, the hydrangeas I planted last year look great! I'd say my thumb is light green.

6. Finally, Spring has really hit the Northeast. I love June in New York. It's my reward for enduring winter here.


Children of Eve said...

Oooh, sweet. Does he mind having his photo up?

Anonymous said...

I love the photo. Don't tell him in case he makes you take it down. :-) You look gorgeous! And it looks like you weren't the only one all dolled up; did S actually comb his hair?! lol
I haven't started running yet. I think you'll have to drag me across the finish line. Eek! I am in terrible shape, so I better get on that, but my schedule and energy never seem to line up right. I'm so proud of you and V for being so diligent, though. It encourages me.
One more thing. I really wanted to buy you a hydrangea bush last year, and secretly plant it so that you would be surprised when it bloomed this spring, but I got sick during the prime planting time and I was so disappointed. Now I'm so happy to know that you'll have one anyway!

Rambling Heather said...

That's so great that you are doing the C25K, I have thought about it. Scares me though :)

emily said...

way to go on the couch-to-5k ... i did that program and it worked!! :) i am a "non-runner", seriously, but it felt really good to set a goal and then take the steps (no pun intended!) to accomplish it. i followed that program to the letter ... and when i crossed the finish line of the 5k, i felt so good.

Clare said...

Awesome Andrea! Good luck with your training. And what a gorgeous photo! You and your hubby look so happy :)