Sunday, July 31, 2011

In our own backyard. Part 2

(part one here)

In part one of "In our own backyard", we talked about recognizing who the Lord has put in your life, and how you can minister to them. In the inner circle, we found that our husband and children "reside" in our inner circles. Moving beyond the inner circle, it can become more complicated. First of all, if you have family in the area, then they are most likely in that 2nd outside circle. Next, go through your week. Write down every day of the week and list people you see every day. Are there days where you see people more than one day? Is there a connecting relationship such as someone who lives near you and goes to your church? Is there someone whose children go to your school and you see them out and about at other places? Is there a mom you see at bible study one day and church the other? These are people that are in your life on a regular basis. You also might have people that you may not see during the week a lot but after prayer, come to your mind as someone you need to minister to and love.

loving one another~
that's where evangelism begins,
can we change our world,
if we cannot even care about each other in our
own circle?
pick a growing church in the New
how about thessalonica? everyone poured in,
not because the sunday school teacher was
so fantastic,
or the curricula...or even the program.
they didn't even bring in a special musical
group., how they loved one another!

~i love the word impossible by ann kiemel

questions? comments? suggestions? would love to hear. I'm trying to figure it all out myself.

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