Friday, July 22, 2011

What's going on

As you can see, we are really enjoying summer around here.
We've been keeping busy with pool trips and visiting friends.
I don't mind the heat, remember: I grew up in the hot and humid South. Thankfully in the Northeast, we have "heat waves". They don't last all summer, just for a few days, and then it goes back down to the comfortable 80s. I just can't get enough of summer. I try to stay active and enjoy the outdoors as much as I can, knowing that winter is right around the corner, and I must endure it.
Found this teak table and chairs on Craigs List for a steal. We had been looking at purchasing one of these for years because of it's durability. (no more cheapo outdoor furniture for us.) However, the price was ridiculous for a new one, so we could never justify it. I was so happy to find this set, and it's already weathered, just as I like it.

The kids stay so active in the day, and stay up later at night, that they sleep longer in the mornings. Hurray! I've been enjoying my coffee, silence, and the morning light. It starts my day off exactly how I like it.
Sorry no deep thoughts for now. Just living life and enjoying it. Hope you are having a wonderful summer!


Natalie said...

Lovely post, lovely pictures! My kids have been sleeping later in the mornings too but I have been, too. Today, I made sure I got up before them and it has been a peaceful morning so far. Hugs and love to you, my friend!

Anonymous said...

That sounds wonderful, and I'm so glad. That's a lovely reminder on the mug, too. I miss you and your beautiful family!

alli said...

So glad you are enjoying the summer - it is so fleeting, even in the South!!

Linda said...

It sounds like a lovely summer Andrea. I remember NY summers. I don't think we spend a minute indoors when we were kids. We even ate our lunch outside on the picnic table my Dad made.
Enjoy these days sweet girl. I'm really glad you have those quiet minutes in the morning. A gift!

contentedsparrow said...

I'm not minding the very hot heat either, Andrea. It seems like yesterday we were fighting off the long winter blues.
Isn't craigslist the BEST?! Good job!
And, I love the photo of your living room....the simplicity of the bottles and sticks in the enamel peacefully pretty.
Have a lovely weekend, friend!

laurel said...

So happy for you and your great Craigslist find!! And, I am glad y'all are having a blissful summer. I know winter is hard for you. The heat index was 119 one day this week, so we pretty much stay inside, unless we are in a pool.

Anonymous said...

Dear Andrea, your summer is a gift. Your pictures and thoughts are lovely. We are doing the *same* thing...planning to get outdoor furniture off Craigslist and I really like yours. Teak, great idea. We are well. I have been repeating to myself from "Anne of Green Gables"..."isn't it splendid that there are mornings". Love Mary Brooke

Aimee said...

love love love it all!! blissful summer for you!!